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Old 01-16-2007, 06:59 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by crazyred

As for the PWC's....Jdogg, if you want to step them up, by all means, but very few aquarists would recommend 100% water change at one time (even if spread between 2 days). I usually do 50% or so every week. Let's not get too carried away...drastic change like that can sometimes do more harm than good. I still think you should consider the possibility that the stock you're getting is the major factor here since you are having success with your Apistos on your current routine. Good rams are not that delicate and sensitive. IMO
yea i know 100% is dramatic

Just because I am working at Petco does not mean I am a sell out, they are still an evil empire, that I am trying to make better.
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Originally Posted by crazyred
I would think so, but jchillin's experience seems to contradict this. I think he just happened to get a hold of some decent GBR's from good stock at the LFS. His example seems to defy everything I've heard and read from other aquarists.
I will say upfront that I've been very surprised at these results, since it is very rare that it would occur.

This subject was part and parcel of the reason behind my starting the GBR discussion. I continuously saw post after post, thread after thread of "Premature GBR demise" and thought it would be worthwhile to compare experiences of other aquarists.

What I failed to mention in the earlier post was the percentage of the bi-monthly PWC's. It was 30 to 40% (depended on how fast I would get back to the tank while draining).

One thing that I did notice was that GBR's faired better in planted tanks. I have no idea of why at the moment. Something to consider when stocking them.

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Old 01-16-2007, 09:45 PM   #33
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I'm not saying that it's impossible to get healthy GBR's from a LFS, just, IME, improbable. I'm glad your experience has been different jchillin. I agree, plants and PWC's do go a long way, but the stock quality has to be there too....obviously your LFS got a hold of some excellent ones.

I also think that GBRs are one fish that needs a VERY mature tank. One that has been in continuous successful operation for a while. I think some aquarists (no one on this thread in particular) add them too early. I kept fish for over a year (in my 29) before I tried my hand at them, and I failed with the first set that I bought for my newer 55 (GBRs from my local LFS....the ones with the healthy, tank bred angels). I mustered up all the patience I could find and let my bio-filter get way established (from tons of seed material & plants) and let the platies that I moved from my 29 get the tank well set. When I tried again, I skipped the LFS and went straight to Aquabid.....that was 6 or 7 months ago and they're still very well and spawning all the time.

Gee, JDogg, I hope all this is helping you feel better....this is a very useful thread...as was jchillin's thread on GBRs.....great discussion.
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Just one question... you said ammonia and nitrates were 0 ppm and then you said that NO3 (nitrate again) was 25ppm. Which one is it?

I am assuming that ammonia and nitrIte are 0 ppm and that nitrAte is 25ppm. That seems a little on the high side to me. Not saying that it caused the deaths but I personally think it should be down at 10ppm. Yes, I realize that it is a heavily planted tank, but if the plants aren't taking care of this then it is building up in the tank to harmful levels. Even in a planted tank I think it should be 10ppm and nothing more.

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