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Old 11-14-2005, 07:30 PM   #1
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Fishy lineup

Hey guys, It seems I have decided that I am going with a reef aquarium (100-150 gal as stated by my earlier post).

In it I have decided to put peaceful fish, including:
2 Ocellaris clownfish
1 royal gramma basslet
1 spotted mandarin
1 green mandarin
1 yellowhead jawfish
1 firefish
1 court jester goby
1 yellow hawaiian tang
1 catalina goby
1 dragon sea moth
1 electric blue hermit crab
perhaps a couple of sea stars as well

Here's my questions to you:

1-Is this a good lineup of fish?

2-I would also like to have more specific information and details regarding the sea moth.

3-Clownfish-wise I was considering putting in for anemone the bulb anemone. Is this a good idea, also is it alright if I put in two? Since they will most likely be the only anenome I'll be putting in along with the coral.

4-What are some good corals that I should be looking at to go along with the fish?

5-I was also looking at Fu Manchu lionfish/ Fuzzy dwarf lionfish and leaf fish( part of the scorpion fish family, not the fresh water fish). I would also like to know if those can be compatible/able to substitute for the sea moth with the rest of the fish/coral?

6-I would also like to know about clams, please?

7-On a second thought, I was also looking up Horseface Blennies. Would they be also alright, and I'd also like some more information concerning those fish.

8-My girlfriend wants sea horses and pipe fish...would they happen to fit within my fish choices? (preferibly seahorses)

9-If you have any suggestions for other fish please list them, I would love to hear from you guys please

If you have any other suggestions, I'd really appreciate the help, however I'd like reason also to back up your claims. Sorry about all the different questions, but awnsering them could make a difference for someone who really wants to get into the hobbie Thanks for the help you guys, this means a lot to me =)


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Old 11-14-2005, 11:08 PM   #2
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That's an eyeful...LOL. Disaster would strike between the two different dragonettes (the mandarin and psychodelic gobies). Best kept single or male/female pair of the same species.

The catalina goby and the royal gramma might go at it if they find each other.

Forget about seahorses in with other fish. They should be in a species tank with others of their kind. Pipefish make good tankmates for them. Should be kept in pristine reef conditions and have plenty of copepods and shrimp on hand.

I don't know what you are referring to as of Sea Moth. And forget about the Fu Manchu unless you want a predator tank.

Clams generally require lots of light especially those neat maximas. 7 to 9 watts per gallon is preferred, but may do ok in as low as 5 watts per gallon. That's borderline low.

Careful with starfish for reef systems with corals. Larger stars are more capable to munch on coral. Research thoroughly any species you are interested in.

Bulb anemones are perhaps the easier of the anemones to keep alive. Make sure you have nothing short of 3 watts per gallon on your lighting (between 4 and 5 watts per gallon is preferred). Carpet and Ritteri anemones are the natural anemone for the ocelaris clown/false percula, but are rather difficult and not recommended for beginners in the hobby. They do take to the bulbs as well. Green bulbs, brown bulbs, and rose bulbs are the more popular.

Do keep in mind...there's never any guarantee clowns will host an anemone whether it's a natural species or not.

You do want to include reef hermits, snails, and a rock blenny to your list. These are your cleaners. Skunk cleaner shrimp are also a handy common animal in the reef system. They eat parasites off of things...fish, coral...the rocks. Beneficial to have. Caribean peppermint shrimp eat pesky aptasias. The rock blenny is aka the lawnmower blenny and deserves it's name. Good controller of algae. These types of animals should be the first on the list to go in. They help support a healthy system.

My time is short right now, but I can add on later.

We, as a people, know so much more about outer space than we do about our own oceans. This lack of knowledge can very well spell the dangers that lay in wait for us.

The oceans surely would swallow us before a rock comes down to smite the planet of it's life.
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Old 11-14-2005, 11:13 PM   #3
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Same question in general discussion?
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Old 11-15-2005, 12:36 AM   #4
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Sure is
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Old 11-15-2005, 07:51 AM   #5
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Please refrain from psoting the same question in mulitple forums. It serves no benefit.
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Have a great day! Brian
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