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Old 02-01-2012, 04:01 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by carey
Hi guys. If it were my tank I wouldnt do it yet. I made the mistake of putting a nem in my 29g as one of the first things I got for it. Huge mistake. :-( I had a condy nem and it grew so big over 2 months that it took over 1/3 of the tank. My clowns of course didn't host it and everything in the tank stayed far away from it. I finally took it back to the lfs and just left it there. A young tank is no place for a nem in my opinion and experience.
At least it didnt die and nuke your tank!! Lol

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I want to know if it can live in my tank. I just dont want to kill it. There are several types, yes? Maybe some would be better than others. My water isnt going to be any different 6 months from now. I understand a mature tank for mandarins due to copepods....etc. But I dont see how an older tank would be any different than a new cycled tank when it comes to nems. They benefit from the good water and feeding, right?

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They mostly benefit from the light. But they are very picky when it comes to water. Water quality can flucuate over the first year or so, it's normal and what happens to everyone's tank. The tank will hit a sweet spot, in my experience at the 6 month mark. Once you've added all the fish and corals you want the tank will have a different bioload as you add stuff each time. Also, since anemones can be difficult it's usually better to have some time under your belt before attempting one. I didn't, I just jumped right in within weeks of my cycle finishing, just trying to have that mistake benefit others.
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There are more levels that fluctuate in your water than ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Nems need very stable parameters of everything. Mature tanks are more stable. It sounds to me that you already know they should go in a mature tank and you want some to just tell you yes.
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I don't think he wants a yes... I think he wants to know why. I completely understand, as I've questioned this myself at times. Being a vertan hobbyist leads to a great understanding of how the nitrogen cycle works. But, from everything I've read, it's far more than that.

I was able to dig up this old thread:

when is my tank mature?

This pretty much sums up everything I've read. It's not so much drastic changes in nitrate, ammonia, things like that... it's the stability of the ecosystem itself, as well as your understanding of how everything works. Not to discount your knowledge from the FW world at all, but SW is a whole different creature, as I'm sure you've found (as well as myself).

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The first thing I bought for my tank was a condy anemone. I had no idea your tank was supposed to be mature, I just thought a purple anemone looked cool. I didn't even have a clown fish. It is still alive and kicking and has to be 10 times the size it was when i bought it. I added a maroon clown and it took a week before it was hosting it. I think like most advice on this board, its just that.....advice. A new tank isn't the best way to keep an anemone alive but you can do it. Maybe not a great idea but you can try...
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I also agree with the people saying its best to wait, I added a nice red tip bubble anemone when my tank was only 3 months old, it didn't last very long. My tests said my water was all good. I also do regular water changes. If you are going to add one just prepare yourself that you might lose it.
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Final decision is to wait. Dont think it will be 6 months, but I will wait. I think 2 months of stable parameters and I will give it a shot. I am finished adding fish and the nem is one of the last things I want for this tank. I do weekly water changes and check parameters twice a week. I have done everything right so far and will continue to do so. Thanks to all for the opinions/advise. I do weigh all of it equally. Like rookie said, not just looking for someone to say yes, I just want to know why. Thanks again.
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Your tank is a month old and you've cycled and fully stocked it? What size is it? I would be willing to bet your going to have some parameter swings and have to deal with algae and other things. Your probably going to have a lot of other things on your plate and trying to keep nem happy during all this would definitely be a chore, and your probably going to other headaches. Good idea to wait.
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I cycled in 2 weeks and currently have:

2 percula clowns
Algae Blenny
Red Scooter Blenny
Royal Gramma

Added fish 2 at a time 2 weeks apart.


3 nassaruis snails
3 turbo snails
2 emerald crabs
2 red leg hermits
1 cleaner shrimp

Also have:

Torch Coral
Pulsing Xenia
Candy Cane Coral
Small Zoa Colony

As far as fish, I am done, maybe 1 very small fish if I find something awesome. As far as corals, maybe one or two more. For now it will sit like it is for at least another month, then try the nem. It is 29 gallon with 15lbs of live rock and 35lbs of lace rock. Fluval 405 canister and 2 koralia 550 powerheads. Also 4x24w t5ho light with 2 10000k and 2 actinic.

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hardy, tan

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