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Old 09-27-2004, 11:59 PM   #11
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Call me crazy, but since you have given up the tank already... I am completely surprised that you haven't seen an algea bloom or 2 with cyno bacteria blooms to boot. (Though 40ppm nitrate is considered high, its the high end of acceptable for FO) Also, get a second and third test kit to make sure your kit isn't g00bed up?
As for cutting down feedings. How often is 'cut down'? How much do you feed? frozen foods? Flake? Also, put some media in that, what was it an HOB filter with no media? Put some carbon in it, filter media good, no filter bad, filter media good, no filter bad...; ). Also, it may be useful to purchase some Nitrate and Phos sponges. Load em up and try it. I have a de-nitrator and it works well (You can probably find some DIY coil denitrators), mine keeps my tank at undetectable (Marineland) and I perfom 0, none, zilch, nadda water changes...ever. No detectable nitrates. Also, you mention you have 'some snails and hermits'. Got enough? 110G tank, you should have a boat load. I can attest to letting your clean up crew dwindle *will*, not might but *will* cause you issues. Also, 100lbs of LR..I prolly got that much in my 75G. LR is a large piece of the natural filtration process. You have to remember, that while you may not have this tank overstocked, it is a closed system and not having enough filtration can be just as big a porblem with 1 fish as with 20.
I am curious, you mention these fish and corals and that the tank is 2 yrs old..Have things been dying? Is there a reason your chasing this elusive lower nitrate level? Just asking, didn't see any info on it. Couple schools of thought if nothing else works. 1. there is a articel on instant nitrate reduction, never used it, if everything dies overnight as a result, you ate it. But heres the link..http://saltaquarium.about.com/cs/nit...l/aa091901.htm
2. If the Nitrates are running around 40ppm, then in theory your corals would already be showing signs of stress. (Less than 20ppm for inverts and such, some would say no more than 5ppm) Remember Algea consumes nitrates. Refugium maybe? Again, pointing to either a too shallow sand bed or just plain not enough LR for the 110G tank.
All in all, if your tank looks healthy, but shows this high nitrate level, maybe your test kit is b00bied. Maybe thats as good as it gets, but if the tanks happy, whats the point of knocking yourself out.

Best of luck to you no matter what you decide.


PS - Borrowed this from revhtree's tagline, look at the amount of LR and clean up crew. Also, he has some good pics of his sand bed in his gallery. Remember, his tank is 35G *smaller* than yours. GL
"75g Saltwater Reef Tank | 155pds of LR Gulf & Fiji | CC substrate with 2" sand on top | 460w pc | Tomato Clown | 2 Mated Percula Clowns | Royal Gramma | Yellow Tailed Damsel | Engineer Goby | 2 Serpant Starfish | 3 Peppermint Shrimp | Coral Banded Shrimp | 4 Rock/Flower Anemone | 1 Purple Tip Anemone | Flame Scallop | 30+ Hermit Crabs | 60+ Snails | Red Tree Sponge | Pulsating Xenia | Button Poylps | Zoos | Mushrooms | Cabbage Laether | 2 Finger Leather | Bubble Coral | Purple Gorgonia | Feather Dusters | Assorted Marine Plants"

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Old 09-28-2004, 09:37 AM   #12
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I think what we are trying to say is that you should figure out what is going wrong in the 110 gallon before you go and downsize.

Otherwise your risking the same problems magnified in the smaller system.

Hardware: 37 gallon SW tank and stand by Oceanic Systems, Magnum 350 Pro Canister Filter (half carbon), CPR Bak Pak 2R skimmer, Maxijet 1200 Powerhead, RenaCal 150 W heater, Compact fluorescent lights with moonlights. 40 lbs of liverock, 3" sand bed.

Software:2 Tank-Raised Ocellaris Clowns, 1 Purple Firefish, 1 Electric Orange hermit crab, 18 Blue Legged hermit crabs, 8 or so Nassarius snails, Xenia, Blue, green, and Green Striped Mushrooms.

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Old 09-28-2004, 09:48 AM   #13
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Hey to make things really easy, check the following filter our, I have used everything in the market to get my Nitrates & Phosphates down to 0 and the only thing that did it and keeps it at those levels is this filter. Before this filter, I was doing water changes every week and was getting pissed since no results came from it, after this filter, I only change 20% of the water every 2 month's only for insurance. I have friends that haven't cleaned thier tanks for almost a year with this thing and have corals, inverts and sensitive fish in their tank. The key of this fliter, is that you have to weekly replenish the trace elements that are exhausted. THAT's IT.


you can buy this filter in the following place.


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