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Old 12-04-2005, 02:58 AM   #151
Aquarium Advice Apprentice
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: North Dakota
Posts: 27
Well, I have lived with a house full of pets all of my life while growing up. When I graduated and moved out of the house, my mother got me an African red spotted tortoise as a gift. We named her gloria, and she could fit in the palm of my hand when we got her. She was my first tank mate of my own. My mother has always had FW tanks everywhere in the house, along with dogs, cats, birds, rabbit, hampsters, frogs and much more if I sat down and thought about it. Anyway, When I left town for an undergraduate degree, I wanted to leave my tortoise with my mother for she would be able to take great care of her while I would be busy with school and work. My mother spoils her rotten by the way! I'm in no hurry to get her back for I'm still in school and have a baby boy on the way. Gloria will out live me and my child, so when I have a home of my own I will proudly take her back. So for the last four years of my life, I have lived in apartments and am not allowed any pets other than those that are tank compatable. When my mother took Gloria, she traded me her 40 gal. tank she had set aside to someday convert into a SW tank. I had it sitting in my apartment for two years before I decided to do something about it. I was in my lfs one day, and I walked by a lion fish. I had never seen one before but I knew I wanted one right there and then. The lfs told me that one lion in a 40 gal. would be ok and I believed him so I got the fish along with a puffer and now they are my non-naging friends. Now that I found AA, I'm trying to improve my friends home and get my mother's tank back to her so she can join the fun! This site is a blast and I'm glad I found it!

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Old 12-14-2005, 05:03 PM   #152
Aquarium Advice Regular
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: York PA
Posts: 72
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I needed a hobby, not only to stay busy, but to keep my fiance out of my hair. I could not have picked a better one, it is very relaxing to sit and watch for hours almost as if i were swimming with the fishes (lack of a better word) ha. The thing is, i never dreamed of falling in love with my reef as i have now, almost to an obsessive point of no return. And after all the money and hard work spent, i sit back and daze off to my own world as the quiet hum of the tank puts me to sleep...

55g reef, 75lbs LR, 60lbs of base rock from hirocks.com, small hippo tang, paired clowns, 3 green chromis, 1 yellowtail damsel, 3 peppermint shrimp, 1 pistol shrimp, various assortment of snails and hermits, polyps, purple ribbon gorgonian, pulsing xenia, yellow button polyps
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Old 12-18-2005, 02:25 PM   #153
Aquarium Advice Freak
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Pleasant Gorve, Utah
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Well me story is kind like the rest but in way no.
When 5 My parents trusted my w/ a fw tank(10G)
It only had goldfish in it. I loved it so much i thought the
responsiblity was great. Well as i got older so did the fish they died.

When i was 8 i didnt have any fish. It stayed like that for about 11 years
when my aunt gave me a betta. All of my old feeling came back.
When i was 12 i started breading bettas it gave me a lot to do. Then Around october of that year i saw a acticle that was on nano tanks it was so cool i thought then. Then i december i saw a Ad in the newspaper for a 29 gallon SWA. I Knew what i wanted for christmas.

They thought about we went to go see it and I knew that was it. we bought dec 12 th. And ever since then ive been buying and upgrading my tanks. There have been times when ive been disapointed with the iut come. But Start again later on. These Christmas present has really change my life. I know what career choice taking and it has also made me get Scuba certified both of which is injoying. I hope that everone injoy this hobby like i do.
RIP Elliott Smith, and AD.

I dont want to be a Advice Freak!
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Old 01-09-2006, 11:48 AM   #154
Aquarium Advice Apprentice
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: DE
Posts: 37
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Great Stories, looks like a mess of animal freaks here ... ya'll ain't alone!

I have always loved animals. I would beg to catch the stray cat eating trash at a restaurant (to no avail). We had many fish growing up and I always liked them. They were all freshwater. I just didn't do much in the lines of keeping them. I would fix tubes and things for my mom, but that is it

About 8 1/2 years ago my brother and I decided to get my parents a present. We both lived at home then. We bought them a 160 g pond for their side yard. We dug that, and got them some gold fish. Nice fantales and things. We got some nice lillies and stuff. Well, after the first probably 2 months, we decided that wasn't big enough, and got another pond, you know I think my size is off I think they are bigger than 120. Either way, they are nice size ponds. Ever since I have just enjoyed working around the pond, watching the fish (we have all but about 3 of the original ones still today).

Then about 7 1/2 years ago, I met someone who had a 55g SW tank. I found the fish awesome. I had seen them in the pet store and always would go and watch them. But our LFS didn't have a big variety, but what she did have was always pretty. Well, I was interested ... just not hooked.

Finding Nemo ... the great movie. My daughter is hooked on Nemo and wanted to end up with a clown and an anemone. My husband wanted a SW tank. Me, I said I'll try it. So we had been cleaning our shed out (from a move a year ago). And wallah, there is my 30 tank my mom had while I was growing up. Tank, stand, and filter. Well we upgraded the filter. Brought it in and I clean the water deposits off it. That was a royal pain. My dh set it up. And over the past 4 months I have come to love the little clowns antics. Now we added a purple tang, and they are comical together. I'd sit and watch them just fascinated.

So we went to a store Fintastics, and I saw what a nice reef tank looked like one in the nanocube. Just the colorful, non-algae covered. I came home that night and began to research nano-reefs, and things for it. Well, dh wanted a BIGGER tank still. I was still torn between the nano, and the big tank, or the 30g to be my reef tank.

I started shopping around, looking for a descent deal on a tank. We'd go look, and I'd just be torn between the nano and the 55 gallon. He wanted a 55. So, one day I had checked the classifieds here locally, and didn't really see much. Well I checked back that afternoon and there sat a deal. I called dh. Tank, Stand, Canopy, PC lights, and Wet/dry for 350. I said I don't think I can get this kind of deal on a 55g. I sent him pics of it. He never got them. Well, that night we headed to pick it up. He never recieved the email with the picture link.

Now we have a 75 gallon tank in our living room, fills a wall beautifully like it is the center-piece of the room. And a 30, about 7 feet away on a wall apart. I am seriously thinking about doing the 75g in a way that will make it possible for me to do reefs, eventually. And maybe in the 30 gallon for the catch what's grown. Maybe the other way around. Either way, I'm hooked. I'm just reading so much and taking it all in. At first it was like Greek, what, what, and what. Now it's all starting to fit together. Look out, here we come.

Oh, we are going to have to do a light upgrade I think in the near future on the 30g. We have a 50/50, and the wattage I have forgot off the top my head ... to get an anemone. That'll make my daughter happy for now. Nemo, he's quite a character. We love SW.

Thanks for all the help here. This is a truly great, and informative site.

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Old 01-13-2006, 01:31 PM   #155
Aquarium Advice Freak
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Atl, GA
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Well... I have a great friend.. the kind you find once or twice in a lifetime. He is my boss, so I see him everyday (for 5 years or so). He's really into things with motors and I'm a geek.. so We had little in common hobby wise (altho we respect and are interested in the each other's hobby).
Well, the GA aquarium was in it's final stages and I mentioned it over beer at the local pub one night.
The guy's eyes lit up like you wouldn't believe and I found out how much fun/tranquility he got out of his tank, but hadn't had one in years.
He got a nice surprise for his birthday (75g and some loot to get started)...and I got bit by the bug (and walked away from the LFS with a 90g)...
Now I'm alot poorer (heh) but have a great hobby/outlet...and another thing in common with a good friend!
That and well... it's fun to play a caring nuturing godling.. I'm building a balanced beautiful world in my glass box... thrilling and great for the soul.
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Old 01-20-2006, 12:15 PM   #156
Aquarium Advice Freak
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Rockford, IL.
Posts: 331
Hello to all.
I am very new to the sw hobby. I have always been interested in exotic animals. I have raised snakes, toads, frogs, many, many, lizards, fw tanks since I was about 11 years old. I have always wanted a sw tank since I can remember. But I always told myself that it was to expensive. And I believe that if you take an animal out of the wild. (every animal is considered wild to me) that you need to make sure that you research everything on that animal and mimic its natural environment the best you possibly can. After all if we expect to keep them for our pleasure than we can atleast make sure that they have everything they need to be healthy and happy. So needless to say I am still in the research stage of sw keeping. This site is wonderful. I am going into this very slowly because I want everything to be right I dont want to put any undo stress on my animals. Anyway I am getting off subject, My birthday was last week and my husband calls me up and says What do you want for your birthday. I said I am not real sure. And to my surprise he said WELL you have always wanted a sw tank. Oh my Gosh! I love that idea. Silly husband thought we would be able to go to the LFS and buy some salt, get some sand from the beach. add a few fish and we would have a sw tank. I have been spending this last week trying to drill (steady) into his head. LOL I am sooo excited about this that I can't sleep I am always thinking of new things that I need to check out. I know that it will be awhile before I can actually add fish and corals and such. But that is fine with me because " slow and steady wins the race"
Anyway just thought I would babble.
Thanx for listening
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Old 01-26-2006, 07:04 PM   #157
Aquarium Advice Newbie
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: AR
Posts: 9
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Ever since my husband & I have been together, we've always made a trip to Florida, sometimes twice a year when possible. Upon one of our first jaunts down there (we're in Arkansas), we went into a LFS and it was primarily salt. It was so amazing- and looking back, it wasn't just awesome because we knew nothing about it, but they Really Did have awesome specimans. My husband is somewhat of a rock, fossil, bug, & generally "critter" fanatic and almost an expert at it. I was taken w/the fish, he was totally taken w/the corals. He started talking then, about starting a saltwater tank. This went on from time to time for a couple of years. Finally a guy at his job had a 55g. tank he wanted to sell and practically gave away to us. So we checked w/the LFS we had close to our town at the time- and they kind of got us started. Between that LFS and one in Little Rock (neither one is open anymore!), we got started and established. We look back and realized how many WRONG things we were told, but hey, it's about learning- it wasn't long until we purchased a 100g. tank- eventually got a 75g. w/stand, hood, and all, from an LFS that was closing- and got an exceptional deal- then I "picked up" a 20g. After several years of having "multiple tank syndrome", I got tired of maintaining all of them, and we got a 240g. reef-ready and consolidated all into the one. That's been 8 years. So, ladies out there... it started out my husband talking me into it (because I knew how it would end up being!), but it's become My Hobby! He does the "man-job" stuff, electrical, plumbing, etc. But all the rest, I take care of it all! Don't you know that's how it always is?! But, I LOVE every minute of it- we don't have kids, so I think I get to exercise my nurturing side into my tank and tankmates- it has become my passion- and my husband just likes to sit and watch! I recently "picked up" another deal- a 30g. hex tank, to just "play with". hehe- after all this time, here we got again w/multiple tanks.
Began hobby in 1997; current tank- 240g RR, w/75g sump. Four 250w MH's, 8 65w. actinic pc's, approx. 180 lbs. live rock, various softies, anemones, 14 fish. To view pics, go to http://community.webshots.com/album/65580943vipMjw
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Old 02-19-2006, 02:50 PM   #158
Aquarium Advice Regular
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Jersey
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When I was little (like 10-12 years ago) I spent a majority of my summer knee deep in the streams behind my house. I would come home with frogs, turtles, salamanders... you name it and kept them for a few days in a big rubbermaid bin. Seeking something a little more permanent, When I turned 8 and had my communion, I convinced my parents let me use my money for a pond in the back yard. So I bought a 150 gallon pond liner and installed it with my dad (he ended up doing most of the work). Learned a lot from the pond (and developed a hatred for great blue herons). Right now the fish I have are going on 5 years old (nothing older, courtesy of the heron). The last two years, my fish have spawned and in order keep as many babies alive as possible, I set up a FW tank in my room. I loved having a tank in my room, and I found it very peaceful to just listen to the water trickling and watch the fish before I fell asleep. The inspiration for a SW tank came one night when I was at a local banquet hall, and they had a large display tank set up. I sat and stared at it with my father for a while, and we decided that we wanted a big tank like that in our new house we were building. I knew that SW was a totally different game from what I had been doing most of my life, and decided to set up a tank in my room for the 10 months or so before we move to the new house, so I could learn the basics before I went and spent like 5 grand on a huge tank. Im learning a lot, and hopefully when I get the big tank it wont be a disaster. Ive found the learning process incredible and I think im hooked for good, I even made it a requirement of the colleges that im looking at to allow fish tanks in the dorms... haha
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Old 03-09-2006, 09:36 PM   #159
Aquarium Advice Freak
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My story is a little sad but here it is. It was my sevententh birthday and my parents asked me what I wanted. I replied, "my belly button pierced or a puppy". I had been asking for a puppy of my own since I was a little girl. It was number one on every b-day and x-mas list and I was always told no. Well, needless to say I finally got my puppy (I got the belly button ring on my eighteenth b-day )

I welcomed to my life the most beautiful boston terrier puppy ever. I took her everywhere I went and spoiled her in everyway possible (see post all of your pets in the Lounge). She was in every sense my baby girl.

Well, about two weeks after she turned five she became very sick literally overnight. I took her to the best animal hospital I could find and was ready to spend everything I had to fix her. It turned out her liver was failing and they didn't know why. They ran every test known to man and two day later while waiting on the last two test results to come back I got the phone call. My little Sassy Massy was gone. She went into respiratory arrest around 5 in the morning and they could not resuscitate her.

I had a huge void in my heart and I didn't know what to do or where to turn. It was I believe August when I told my boyfriend that I needed something to care for, something to love. We both agreed that I was not ready to have another dog and I probably won't be for a while. Plus, we have his dog and without a house of our own right now we just aren't in the position to have another one. I thought about it and was really interested in getting a SW aquarium. I had taken care of my cousin's when her and her husband were out of town for a few weeks. I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting.

So my boyfriend agreed to buy the tank and stand to get me started. I have become absolutely addicted to it and who knew you could become so attached to fish, coral, urchins, snails, etc. I have also found this wonderful forum, community, family whatever you use to describe it.

Even though it was extreme heartache that brought me here I am very thankful for it. I have learned many things in the loss of my little mass and I just want to thank everyone here for making me feel so welcome.
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Old 05-14-2006, 10:16 AM   #160
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Ditto on the beginnings with FW tanks here too. My SW adventure started when I went to visit a friend of mine. I was going to buy some rims (I am a car guy too) from his roommate. He had the rims stacked in his room and in one corner sat a ten gallon tank. The tank was about half full of water and so brown you couldn't see the back of the tank. There were these little things crawling all over the place inside (Pods) that I thought they were baby shrimp. As I was being fascinated by the baby shrimp something swam by the front glass! I jumped back and said "Dude what do you have in there?" He said a clown fish and a damsel. I am waiting for them to die so I can get rid of the tank. I said how much for the tank and the rest is history. From there I went to a 29g, 55g, and now my 150g. I never did buy the rims!

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reef, reef aquarium, aquarium

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