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Old 06-10-2013, 02:56 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by meegosh View Post
Never been to aqua world, where is it exactly? I've heard great things about Wet pets.
It's NW of the city along 65 in Emsworth.

They have pretty much every fish you can imagine, there were saltwater fish there I have never even heard of before. They also have all sorts of reptiles including alligators, up to 5ft ones.

But as I said it is pretty dirty in there, especially as you first walk in by the piranha tanks.

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Old 07-11-2013, 06:07 PM   #22
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I am in Pittsburgh (for now). Was disappointed with Aquaworld and Wet Pets selection - search for less common Indian fishes but they seem to have mostly cichlids and S American fishes. Will check out Oddball and Seahorse though, had not heard of them.

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Old 09-29-2013, 06:13 PM   #23
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I'm from the Pittsburgh area. Well, my boyfriend and I went on a "fish adventure" today. We decided to go to lfs that we had never been to. We checked out Oddball, Elmers, and Aquaworld. We go to Wetpets all the time as it is the most convient to us.

First off, Wetpets is an amazing store with a fairly knowledgeable staff. I do recommend going there at least once.

Our first stop of the day landed us at Oddball. It was decent. A bit dungeon like, but the fish seemed healthy. The tanks were clean. Everything there is way over priced though. A sponge for our AC70 was listed at $12 there. (You can get that online for about $3.) Overall, we were not impressed by the store, but it was decent.

Our second destination on our fish adventure was Elmers. We were blown away by the selection, the tanks, and the staff! There was a large variety of plants, fish, and supplies. The tanks were all clean, and we honestly did not see one dead fish in the entire store. When we were ready for help from an associate, they were eager to please. I have been searching for a specific looking piece of driftwood for months now. Mainly online, but I had been unsuccessful. I saw a few pieces on display but asked the associate if they had any more. He told us they just received a new palette in this morning and that he could take us to the back to search through the new stock if we were interested. I said that would be great. We found the perfect piece for our tank. It fits across the whole 55g tank and was an amazing price! Oh, an AC70 sponge there was $5. I would highly recommend checking this place out. It was phenomenal!

Our final stop of the day was to Aquaworld. Let me say that we did not spend much time in this store. The tanks were all filthy. Algae had taken over most of the tanks to the point where you couldn't even see the fish/plants in them. I will say that this store had a couple of the largest fish I have seen for sale in a store around here. However, they were in tanks that just barely fit their size. They couldn't move around in them. This store was worse than any Petco or Petsmart I have ever been in. There were dead fish in a bunch of the tanks. I was appalled by the conditions that these animals were being kept in. I suggest staying away from this one.

I hope this helps others who have a long drive to get to a lfs. We have at least a 40 minute drive to each of these stores, except Wetpets. I will say that just finding one more good lfs was worth the all day adventure though.
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Old 09-29-2013, 06:22 PM   #24
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Don't forget about the "garage sale" at Elmers in the back on, I think, the first Saturday of the month. Check their website, I believe they have it listed under events. Some good deals on both new and used equipment. Buddy from work got at new 75g for 75 and tax.
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Old 10-16-2013, 03:30 AM   #25
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I too am from Washington pa. been fish keeping for prob 4-5 years, sw about 2-3. in regards to these 3 stores mentioned, ive been to oddballs prob 3 times, each time the gentleman working there (I assume the owner) was VERY polite and intelligent. the store has a HUGE variety of fw fish, but I don't remember seeing any marine fish. also the basement "dungeon" setting can catch you off guard. as for Wet Pets, this store used to be my go to store, decent fw and sw selection, nice corals, great selection of equipment and supplies (I also worked there for some time) staff is also very knowledgeable. however it always seemed to be overly busy, a lot of times it took awhile to get help. but that's really the only drawbacks to the store. and lastly, Elmers, this is now my go to store for my fish and food selection. falls right in between oddballs and wet pets in terms of tidiness and presentation. the knowledge of the staff seems to be hit and miss. but what I personally love is that when I walk in the door im instantly greated by a happy and smiling employee...it really feels like they are happy to see me.
oh as for Aquaworld and Saltwater Sanctuary.
Aquaworld- ill more than likely never go there again, worst fish store ive ever been in, absolutely filthy tanks, dirty used equipment for sale, half broken old tanks for sale. place is jam packed of stuff that's prob not really worth selling. HOWEVER, I just discussed aquaworld with a few of the local hobbyists and they have said that the owner is doing a TON of cleaning up and remodeling to bring the store up to par. so maybe I will make a trip back to see the change.
saltwater sanctuary-first found this store via craigslist, wasn't all that impressed, prob 20 tanks- all dedicated to sw- 2 shallow coral bays, huge show tank not completed yet. the entire store is prob the size of just the sw section of elmers. so its tiny. BUT I also just spent an hour talking with the owner and he remembers me,my tank, and is willing to help at any chance possible. so I am developing a new friendship there.
last note- im looking for zoa frags in or around Washington, if you have any, PLEASE inbox me
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Old 10-17-2013, 02:48 AM   #26
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Im in pittsburgh... Just barely orig from Washington pa. Ive gotten some nice off the wall stuff and good prices at Odd ball pets... Ya kinda a dump but I liked what I had gotten. I used to sell some fish to Aqua World but the last several years they haven't been looking so great there. I ordered most my stuff online.
"Why does Sea World have a sea food restaurant?? I am half way thru my fish burger when I realize, OMG I could be eating a SLOW LEARNER!!" ~Lynda Montgomery
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Old 11-26-2013, 10:31 AM   #27
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I myself enjoy wet pets but the freshwater plant selection is very dull and basic and boring . I prefer to go to oddball and ehlmers . Ehlmers doesn't have the greatest selections but what they have is great quality it's the only place I buy Malaysian driftwood . But if looking for the best discus in pa go to wet pets I'm friends with the owner and all the workers they know me by name and they are very knowledgeable and experienced . The best discus available except for online at Kenny's discus and Hans of course , highly recommend All 3 stores
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Old 01-09-2014, 11:32 PM   #28
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about 20 miles SE
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Old 05-03-2017, 10:48 AM   #29
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I go to wet pets that's the only place I go I've bought everything I have there but prices are a bit high and are a bit picky and they are stuck up about their discus but overall good

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