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Old 03-19-2005, 04:37 AM   #11
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Clowns will do the job very fast. They are shy critters so if you have anything in the tank that they can hide in they will. I've got one in my 20 right now that I've had for 6 years and he's about 6" long now, but would probably grow a little faster in a bigger tank. They are mostly active at night so as I said you may not see it often if there are places to hide. Don't know if this is common but the one I have also seems to have a taste for plant bulbs. I put some aponogeton bulbs in that tank last year, and he ate every one of them.

If you buy skunk botias say goodbye to them as soon as they are loose in the tank. They will hide instantly, and will only come out after the lights are off. They will hide in some places you wouldn't think would be possible... Under ornaments and behind anything they can find... Had one actually find a way into my UGF plate on my old tank, and he didn't show up again for 6 months when he finally died under there and his body washed up the lift tube. I even had one that managed to get behind the suction cup of my heater LOL.

Clowns seem to be best for snails though, they are hardy as well, and will take several years to grow large enough to be a problem. Plus they are cool to watch when they aren't hiding. Another thing to think about... As they get bigger (over 4") they will attack smaller fish, and since they do most of their moving after lights out it usually is a sneak attack while they are sleeping. After they get over 6" they seem to get sluggish, and you might get to see them more often as I think they get too lazy to bother hiding. They sometimes look dead on the bottom as they won't move for hours, but if you watch they will shake their fins every once in a while.

the temperment of my clowns is actually opposite of jgc8fan. they are active during the day but go to sleep when it gets dark outside even with my lights still on. i've had them for a couple months when they were .5 inches but now they're about 2 inches each. they're always foraging or watching me from the closest corner of the tank, although, they used to be very skiddish until i bought 2 gouramis to use as dither fish. my 20 gal is right at the stocking limit so i'll have to get a larger tank sooner than i had hoped but that's alright because they're awesome . i never had a snail problem and never fed them snails so i cant say they do a good job but everyone says they do.

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Old 03-19-2005, 10:50 AM   #12
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I put a couple of YoYo Loach to go after the snails in my 38 gal. It worked great and they won't get to big.

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Old 03-20-2005, 11:47 AM   #13
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I second Yo-Yo (Pakistani) loaches. They stay small and will crush your snail population. Keep at least three since they can't get enough of each others company. Mine sleep together, chase each other around the tank, sometimes I swear they're trying to hug each other.

Mine also adjusted to daylight activity, just feed them in the morning after they take out your snails. All day long they pick through my gravel searching for scraps and snails.

They're a fantastic fish!
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Old 03-20-2005, 12:20 PM   #14
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Thanks for the help guys. I think I'm going to get some clown or yoyo loaches from a newer lfs. I went to this lfs yesterday and it looked CRAPPY! His fish stock was not a whole lot and just the common stuff every lfs has. After looking at his fish, I was about ready to leave when I saw his betta fish. I started looking through them and found a crown tail!! It was VERY pretty blue and it was only $3.49.. I think I got a steal of a deal on that one. Anyways, he told me he gets around 1,000 fish in on tuesday mornings at 6:30 am and he opens tuesdays at 4 pm (after enough time to acclimate them, make sure they are ready to sell). We talked for a bit, and he said he's getting 20 clown loaches in, along with some fancy plecos, etc. His prices are decent too. He's getting some sort of green pleco which he said will sell for $19.99. He then proceded to tell me usually by saturdays the pickings of the fish are slim. I guess I'll take a trip up there Tuesday to see what all he has new to sell and give the clowns from him a shot. I'm fairly excited because he had a "wholesale" list from some place called "the fish place wholesale". I tried looking it up on the internet but couldn't find it. I'm sure he could special order me anything in. He was talking about plecos and this one pleco, which i've never heard of, was $149.00. I'd like to see what it was (it wasn't a zebra). But anyways, yeah, thanks again for the help guys. I'll post back here to let you all know what I decided to buy.

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Old 03-20-2005, 02:24 PM   #15
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I agree that clowns will help with your snail problem. I would not reccomend the skunk loaches. I have several and they are mean. Remember that small loaches will only eat small snails. Put slightly boiled pieces of lettuce in the tank at night and remove along with the attached snails to get rid of the bigger ones. Clown loaches are very entertaining. They will swim along the bottom, then roll over on their side to take a nap. Mine are active all the time. Good luck.
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Old 03-20-2005, 08:52 PM   #16
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I have 2 whisker shrimp and a Fiddler Crab in my 10 gallon, they eat about 20 snails a day. The shrimp actually eat more!!
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Old 03-21-2005, 01:45 PM   #17
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what is a whisker shrimp ?? 8O

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loach, loaches, snail

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