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Back Into Saltwater - Random (long) List of Questions :)

I described my recent tank acquisition (relocation from a friend's house) in my previous post (http://www.aquariumadvice.com/viewtopic.php?t=50655) and posed some questions I had about odd nitrate readings.

I have a zillion other little questions popping into my head and figured I might ask the ones I can think of in a single post rather than spamming the forum with a bunch of new threads.

1) My current pump is a LIttle Giant 2-MDQ-SC that is rated for 465 GPH. The tank is 90 gallons and has a wet/dry and protein skimmer in the flow from tank to pump. I'm not certain of the fine details on the hose lengths, etc., but they aren't more than a few feet. Is this adequate for a fish and live rock tank that might, someday, have some corals?

Regarding sound (and the pump):

The sucker is loud... or at least I think so. The stand is formica laminated wood (http://www.myfishtank.com/default.as...pe=48&model=23) and has an open back. We have hardwood floors, plaster walls (home circa 1920), a big stone fireplace and a single area rug on the floor in this room. With a couple of inches of gap behind the tank and the wall (offset from the baseboard molding and a little extra), I think it's acting like a drum and ricocheting off the wall to a degree. Therefore:

2) Does anyone make acoustic enclosures for pumps, etc?

3) I'm pondering getting some dense, black foam (acoustic foam maybe) that I can cut and place between the back of the stand and the wall. I could sculpt the foam to fit the baseboard molding snugly, etc. The end result would seal the open back to the wall. Would this help and will I be creating any heat issues in the process? The house stays in the 70's most of the time.

4) Whatever the case with my above questions, could someone recommend a replacement pump that is known for being quiet? (more in the next question)

5) Is there a known quiet pump that is also low on heat transfer? I was on the verge of getting a Poseiden model that is supposedly the most quiet thing around but was told it has a lot of heat transfer. With my room around 72 degrees, the tank is already sitting at about 77 which, I suspect, is transfer from the existing pump. I was told with the Poseidon I'd end up in the 80's and that sounds too high to me, especially with summer coming. Suggestions?

6) If I replace the pump, what GPH should I hit if the suggestion is to go higher than the current Little Giant I listed above?

7) Once I quiet the pump, I want to focus on how much noise I'm getting from the cascade down to the wet/dry. I've read about making a Durson Standpipe. Looks nice... good idea?

Other miscellaneous topics:

8) Is there a convenient kit out there for making a quarantine tank that won't take a ton of space or dominate all my time? I've seen interesting Nanocube tanks and other self-contained units... one of these or is there something similar specifically made for a low maintenance quarantine? I'd like the convenience of a QT tank, but not a huge maintenance hassle if at all possible and not spend a bunch of money.

9) My salinity is currently just shy of 1.020 (or was yesterday, not checked today). I've been told that salinity on the lower end makes ick less likely. True? Most of the fish I see that I want to introduce in the coming weeks, though, are listed as preferring higher salinity on the liveaquaria.com site. Raise my salinity or let new fish adapt? If I raise it, what's the best procedure for doing so in a manner that won't freak out my existing fish?

10) My live rock has a great deal of purple on its surface and, on closer inspection, various other rather small patches of color, texture, etc. Photos I see of premium rock are often covered in tons of neat and colorful organisms. Are those just ideal specimens for marketing purposes? Can I introduce new, highly populated rock easily and expect that to maybe spread as times goes on? The rock I have here came from the friend who owned the tank and he has moved it across many tanks (all quite healthy) for about 14 years.

11) I currently have two fluorescent tubes with a bluish tint (actinic, I believe). What are my other reasonable lighting options if I want to really show off the fish and maybe eventually have some corals, etc? What will fit nicely within my 7" enclosed canopy in the same or similar footprint as the current set of tubes? Big heat issues?

12) Last night I discovered small (some quite tiny) bristleworms coming out of the live rock in a few places once the lights were off (I had a flashlight at the time). They are orange and black and look like little millipedes. Are these fireworms? How much of a problem might they be and how likely am I to get stung while moving rock under normal lighting? Ignore them or try to trap them?

13) My water is quite clear, but not crystalline. Of course the tank was just moved, so I still need to give it time for everything to settle. What is most obvious, though, are what I assume are tiny bubbles. I don't -think- it is particulate. Is this normal? If not, is there something causing it so I can eventually have crystal clear water?

13a) a little patch of bubbles about the side of the palm of my hand formed on the glass toward the center top last night. I knocked them off while cleaning. They were there again this morning in virtually the same spot. What causes this? (more curiosity than worry)

14) When viewing the tank from end to end (the long way), light in the room has a slightly yellowish tint not visible when looking straight into the tank from the front. Again - normal? GIve it time after the move or is this a case where active carbon is good? If so, where would I place it and how would I work it into the system (wet/dry sump system)?

As you can see, I've read enough to maybe be asking the wrong questions about non-problems, jumping the gun or totally missing warning signs. I figured it's best to just ask outright while the questions are in my head. There are plenty more, but I think this post is probably overly long already.

Thanks for all the help, folks! I hope to be returning the favor in the coming months and years.

- Aaron

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i can't answer them all but a few idea's

#10 yes u can add more liverock it would help out your filtration alot better,how much do u have now? go look at www.liverocks.com they have the best rock at a good price.I bought 20lbs of the keys for my 20gl and i have never seen so much life and coraline.

#11 you might want to look at some metal halides if u want corals with abot 4-6wts per gallon to be the best. but if no corals u could try some power compacts witch are quit good look good to, u might be able to keep some soft corals with pc's

them about the only one's i can help with hope it helps out
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long, salt, saltwater

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