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Old 06-21-2003, 05:06 AM   #51
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I had similar thoughts concerning the filtration system. The seagrass could be in the main tank though...or where ever the DSB was. It would take up lots of room though.

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Old 06-21-2003, 11:26 AM   #52
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Conan thier is no reason to be afraid of it. Its simply just another filter for our tank. As long as you know what its limitations are you can deal with it or decide not to.

Timbo, refugium with macro algae, mangrove patch, sea grass bed all pretty much do the same thing as each other just in slightly different ways. I dont think Thier would be a need to set up 2 redundant systems, but you could if you wanted. ALgae will remove nutrients from your water system, but as with everything they have thier limitations and good things. Maybe I can shed a little light.

With the use of Algaes we all have to be mindful of the plants going sexual and/or releasing the toxins back in the tank. And we have to watch for the algae/calurpa also taking over the tank (been their done that). Let me see if I can shed a little light on the methods you listed.
The use of mangroves has become popular lately. They remove nutrients and have little chance of going sexual (just make sure you remove the leaves if they fall off). thats the plus, the down is that they can be hard to get and a bit pricy. Also they will take a bit of toll on your magnesium level eventually so you should always monitor it if you are using them. Personally I am just about to try them my self
The use of sea grass is another good choice. They are a little more hardy then regular algaes and will not go sexual as much. But like Calurpas they cell structures are leaky. What this means is that...Hmmm ok example..for every 100PPM of nutrients they absorb they leak out about 30% of them constantly. (thats a rough example). This is however not to bad concidering other macro algae. They make a great pods and larvae factories. The shape of the leave and so on really sets the mood for the happy hour. One other pitfall is that they require about average lighting (as do mangroves).
Macro algae. Depending on the type they can really aborb nutrients, however they also because of the cell nature release alot back in. They tend to go sexual alot more easy then those listed above. And when you harvest it you should remove the whole plant, otherwise they will dump alot back in at that time. From experence (torture actually) i would suggest staying away from anything that has holdfasts. Here is some further info on various algaes/calurpas and thier growth rates (the ammont they grow is directly related to thier nutrient uptake). now when viewing this you have to remember to weight the good (ammont they uptake) against the bad (the ammount they go sexual or leach back in)

Halimeda: ~2% / day (10-20 mg/g/d)
Dictyota: ~ 10% (50-100 mg/g/d)
Padina: ~ 10% (75-100 mg/g/d)
Caulerpa: ~ 10% (50-100 mg/g/d)
Thalassia: ~1.5% (10-15 mg/g/d)
Palmaria: ~15% (doubled in 1 week)
Enteromorpha: 20% (7 fold increase in 1 month)
Gracilaria: 6-10% / day

hope it helps


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Old 06-21-2003, 11:58 AM   #53
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I just wanted to say thank you to all, because this is a most informative thread. I think there is a lot in our hobby that we still do not have answers to. I learned more reading this than in any book. It is good up to date information.
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Old 06-21-2003, 12:45 PM   #54
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hey Tim, I like the sound of your idea, couldnt you do it in a "rack" system?
Maybe have a nice cabinet type thingy built around it and sitting next to the tank?
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Old 06-21-2003, 01:49 PM   #55
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Sure, the reason I say it would take up too much room, is, I was thinking about each section in a 300 gal tub...he he... This would make it at least 1000 gals of water plus the main tank. Lots of diversity goin on.... It would still be a closed system however, I thought of a way to make it like a tidal plane except for it would be once a week tidal flux instead of every 6 hours. See, it is my theory, that the water should go through some type of complete renewal system. I believe it has been researched. however, if you have water flowing from the tank into the tubs, one after another and at the end, drain slowly on a gal meter, you could in turn for water changes drain old water out of the end of the chain and refresh with new water at the beginning all at the same time, producing a flow of fresh seawater through the whole system instead of draining and then filling.. Does that make sense? Of course you couldn't do this on a 24x7 basis or you would go broke. I don't know anyone who live on the beach and has run a 1000ft pipe into the ocean either.. but maybe 50 gals or half of tank volume per week or 2 weeks?

Also, on the DSB theory, why not change out half of the DSB and replace with new every year or so. Wouldn't that take care somewhat of the build up problem? Or would you release too much bad stuff into the water column by disturbing it? I was thinking along the line of how we tell others how to get rid of their CC....Hmmm
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Old 06-21-2003, 02:16 PM   #56
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Timbo your concept sounds kinda neat. From what I can see it should work pretty darn good.
On the DSB thingy, alot of folks are looking inot the process you discribed. You would have to becareful not to disturb it very much when you do it. Whats down in thier will do harm. I would not do half at once if it were me, but maybe smaller portions so you dont risk any problems. On a DSB unless yuou have a huge bio load or feed alot, you should be OK for a couple of years prior to having to do this process.


Make sure you check out

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