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Old 09-24-2003, 01:49 AM   #1
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Ok am I going about this the right way?

First oof this place is GREAT ! Thanks to everyone who helps out !

Ok as of now in my 55 I have 5 goldfish and a pleco. They are going away soon and I get to start my SW tank.

Sand. I am going to buy live sand for SURE, how much ?

Rock- I am going to use black lava rock as a base and then on top put some Fiji live rock. I heard in time the lava rock will look almost as good as the live rock... or should I skip the lava rock and save another payday and get all live rock. Can I mix Fiji rock and the Tonga branch? Or maybe skip the lava rock and go with the live rock "kit" http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=20757 anyone have luck with this stuff...?

Lighting- Since it will be fish only, and maybe a few shrooms near the top of the rock later after tank is all happy. Will a single florecent tube Ocean Sun 10,000K Deep Water light work in my tank?

Filter-Emperor 400 BIO-Wheel Filter for now and maybe some sort of proein later... I can run both right?

As for set up I was going to put in my live sand and live rock. And let it cycle right in my tank. No light on it. Filter and 1 powerhead running and 50-75% water changes every other day. And then when things got straight, add a few shrimp and hearty friendly fish. Then add some others... clowns and whatnot. I know it will be close to a month before Iet real fish it it.

For the water changes I Was thinking 2 rubbermaid trash cans. 1 good water and one bad. I have a Culligan drinking system and was told that is GREAT for making SW. IT's not softened, just the drinking system. I figured if I ran a tube fromt the drinking water system and let it run all night i just may have 55 gallons by morning !

Am I headed on the right track?

Do i need any major changes here?

Thanks !

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As for figuring the sand, there is a calculator on this site that cna help you. It is all basd on the demensions of your tank. LR is entirely up to you. I could not afford to start with all LR so I built a fondation of lace rock and place about 20 pounds of LR on top of it. Over time it will incorperate into the lace rock. I jsut need to be more patient. Since then I have added more LR and lace rock ro build up my reef. Yes, you can mix your LR. Where the light is concerned, it is recommended 3 to 5 watts per gallon, dependant on what you intend to have in the tank. You will need more than 40w FLOUR. As for the filtration, I run a 3"DSB, 2 backfilters a skimmer and about 50 lbs af LR. My levels are always where they should be. There are a hundred ways to set up filtration. It is totslly up to you. Doing water changes during the curing process is defeating the porpose. You need you tank to cycle through the spikes. If you keep taking away the nessesary amounts of toxins, your tank will take forever if at all to cycle properly. Put the water in and let it circulate for 4 to 6 weeks and monitor the water tests until your parameters are normal.

Patience young Grasshopper.

Good luck,

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The live rock kit you linked to looks like its just a way to make live rock looking structures. These man made rocks should not be classified as live rock but more dead rock or dry rock that will over time become live rock just like the lace rock.

I would say at an absolute minimum having 150W of light over the 55 will give you results that will benifit the mushrooms. Going with a single florcent tube will really only end up giveing you enough light to see the fish.

If your cycling your tank with uncured live rock there are a few schools of thought that oppose eathother. The first school of thought is what fishtender said about water changes during the cycle is kind of defeating the purpose because you need the ammonia levels to move the cycle forward. The other school of thought is that by doing water changes when the ammonia levels climb to levels to high for the maintance of alot of the life on the rock doing a water change knowing that the cycle might take longer but accepting that because of the desire to maintain as much life on the rocks as possible.

Instead of putting on your calendar a point about a month down the road for fish look at your test results during the cycle as it might take longer than that to get the ammonia and nitrite levels down to 0 depending on the degree of dieoff you have with your live rock.

Running a hang on and skimmer is fine. You might want more water circulation when your curing your rock.
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