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Old 04-04-2007, 07:30 PM   #21
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Agreed... but wouldn't it be better than nothing to use in his 5 gallon?
It is better then nothing, I guess. The only reasonable option I see is to return the livestock and start over from scratch. Sure, it can be used in a pinch but I just do not recommend it. Especially considering how expensive it is. Time is best spend now researching SW tanks and cycling one. YOu certainly do not need the added stress of trying to keep your fish alive while you do this (neither do they). If I have learnd one thing in this hobby, it is to take things slow and research, research, research. It will be much more rewarding and much less expensive if you do this.
I agree with you lando that it isn't "defeat" to start over. There's a time to be stubborn, and a time not to be stubborn.
Please remember, we are here to help. While you may always like the advice given, it is a product of numerous years of experience from a lot of hobbiests. We only want what is best for you and your tank, that means thinking long-term.

Some people are like slinkies...they serve no real purpose yet can still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs!:p
Have a great day! Brian
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Old 04-04-2007, 08:17 PM   #22
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Thanks again everyone.

I've added the biospira to my 5 gallon and I have a friend with a 20 G tank that he keeps cycled for PWC and emergency quarantine (says he's only had to use it for beat up fish, not sick--no copper). So my current plan is to let him foster care my clowns while I cycle the larger tank. I've already added water and substrate so hopefully the water should be settled by the time my rock, filter, and heaters get here.

The biospira is by no means cheap, but other than the cost is there any reason why I can't cylce the tank while continually adding the biospira? As I understand it, there are no chemicals in the stuff...its just bacteria in a SW solution. So if I was determined to keep my fish at home for the time being, could I just continually add biospira to the tank (The 36 G) a couple of times a week for the first 6 weeks or so? It's not going to inhibit cycling and it would keep water parameters in check for the fish until a natural stock of bacteria could grow.

Other than biospira being a short term solution, what drawbacks are there?

Thanks to all of you fine fish people for taking time away from your own projects to help out little ol me

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Old 04-04-2007, 08:47 PM   #23
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I've never used Bio-spira, but here's my take...

You can surf the web and find tons of stories about how it does work and how it doesn't work. Some people swear it's snake oil, others swear it's the long lost secret elixer of life. Whether or not it establishes itself in a tank seems to depend on a lot of variables. I don't discount folks' experience that had it work, but I also don't discount those folks who didn't have it work for them. Soo... it may, or may not, work - for you.


I've never heard of anyone saying that cycling their tank naturally "didn't work." It's a pretty much 100% guarantee that if you establish an ammonia source in your tank (with a proper home for the bacteria!), and keep your hands out of it... in at most a couple months you'll have a cycled tank.

So I guess my answer to what the drawbacks might be is that you may think you've got a cycled tank, while in reality you don't - and you'll be back in this situation again. But then again... you might! Guess it depends on if you're a gambling man/woman!

Oh... by the way - Welcome!
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Old 04-04-2007, 09:31 PM   #24
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I have used it . My experience is that it works however there is no subtitute for properly cycling a tank. I used it in a bad situation of a fish that needed to be housed in an emergency situation . I say add it but cycle your tanks as well with the LR and a raw shrimp . This will help colonize your tank and give it both the natural fact and the added fact. Biospera is not cheap but IMHHO it does work . If he is willing to foster your guys then that is how I would do it . I would also wait till you have been cycling for about a week then test , if nothing is showing up you need to wait . If you are starting to see levels of ammonia , nitrItes , then you are cycling . Once those levels are at 0 wait a few days do a partial water change and test again ,if you are still at 0 you should be good to go to add your clowns . HTH Also I say welcome to AA
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Old 04-05-2007, 04:19 AM   #25
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Here is the deal, he is either going to keep the fish or he isn't. While the most responsible thing is likely to take the fish back, he decided he is going to keep them, who knows, maybe the LFS wont take them back (the ones around me have reservations regarding these types of things).

So, if he is keeping the fish regardless he really only has 3 choices, from how I see it, from most "harmful" to least.
1) Cycle the tank with the fish in it and wait
2) Cycle the tank and do a plethora of water changes
3) Add marine bio spira or a similar product

Of course doing it the natural way is the best, but other than returning the fish, he doesn't really have alot of options. Bio spira or a similar product is the only way he is going to keep the fish and maintain minimal stress.
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Old 04-07-2007, 03:47 PM   #26
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Little buddies are goig to shack at at a friend's house....Maybe I'll bring them back and introduce them to their new digs in 6 weeks or so. Sad to see them go but its for the best.

On another note...the biospira that I added seemed to be doing the trick...ammonia levels dropped to nothing while nitrates and nitrite went up....so there's my experience with the stuff if anyone is interested.

Thanks for all the concern from all you wonderful fish folk. I'll post a picture of the new tank once I get it going.
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Old 04-08-2007, 10:15 AM   #27
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Cool, deal, I think your critters will be more comfortable!

Age is relative, you are only as old as you act....of course, this works in reverse....

Questions loved, heeded advice greatly appreciated!

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