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Old 01-02-2004, 03:37 AM   #1
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So...Much...Advice...*gasp* (Newbie 5g)

Wow, I just went through the whole freshwater setup topic...(*struggles to keep eyes open*)...please forgive me if this msg. is less than coherent...

My new tank: 5 gallon Aqua-Tech Hex with in-hood Eclipse filter and Bio-wheel, plastic plants, gravel, bubble bar for decoration, 50-watt immersible heater. I haven't set up the tank yet, but it's all bought and paid for. I really had my heart set on getting some balloon (dwarf) kissing gouramis, but after all I've read in the past couple of weeks that seems to be a bad idea, as my tank is too small. Is this *sob* true, really?

I'm looking for beautiful, elegant and happy fishies...male guppies sound good...do they get along with zebra danios? I was thinking 4 danios to start the tank, then add 2 pairs male guppies? Too many? Guppies & neon tetras? Guppies & white clouds? I'd like a little variety, but I want to make sure that them as need company gets it.

Although I am disabled and would like to keep maintenance to a minimum, I am committed to weekly water changes etc. to keep the Finned Ones content/thriving. If I can't have kissers, what would you recommend as elegant, pretty & happy in a 5-gallon hex?

Warm regards to such a great forum, Marcy

I can do that. Right?
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Old 01-02-2004, 06:43 AM   #2
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Well sorry to say that any gourami really won't work in a 5 gallon tank. Guppies will be fine as long as you stick to males. It is too small for danios to really swim in, white clouds are cold water fish and guppies like it warm.

If I were you I would stick to 1 type of mid/upper level swimming fish. Get 4-5 male guppies with big exciting tails. The maybe add either 3-4 pygmy cory catfish or else 2 standard dwarf cory catfish.

this may not sound like a lot of fish but first of all there is not a whole lot of swimming room in a 5 gallon and also you will want ot keep the fish level/ bioload level down so that the tank is easier to take care of. Too many fish can lead to build ups of ammonia and nitrites very easily and this ill mean frequent maintenance. By sticking with a lighter load the maintanence can be a little less with weekly 20% water changes being fine.

If you are planning on doing a fishy cycle then make sure to buy test kits for ammonia and nitrite at the least and test often in the early stages. And don't get all of your fish at once, add a few wait a week and add a few more. This will help start the bacteria levels growing to be able to compensate for the added waste.

It may not sound like it but I am sure you will be able to have great fun with a species only tank. Guppies can be very beautiful and varied. Too many fish in a 5 gallon also looks very crowded and can easily get confusing to look at, IMO.

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Old 01-02-2004, 07:47 AM   #3
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You might consider some of the following:

Pencilfish - Nannostomus sp.
Harlequin Rasboras - Rasbora heteromorpha
Croaking Gouramis - Trichopsis vittatus

There are a number of smaller fish that will do quite nicely in a 5 gallon tank. These are just a couple that came to mind as I read your post. I'd suggest some others but I'm already late for work! (LOL!)
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Old 01-02-2004, 03:04 PM   #4
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Thanks, guys, that's precisely the type of advice I'm looking for. tkos, you've actually suggested more fish than I thought I could fit comfortably, so that's great.

See? I knew you guys would know. Any other suggestions?

Warm regards, Marcy
I can do that. Right?
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Old 01-02-2004, 03:06 PM   #5
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When I was getting ready to set up a 5.5 gal tank, some people suggested White Cloud Mountain Minnows, rainbow fish, neons, ghost shrimp, and cories. I have guppies and platies in another tank and they are hardy beginner fish. I imagine a tank of male guppies would look nice, they can be so colourful! Make sure they're all male though, otherwise you will have one stressed female in there (and possibly a population explosion!)
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