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Old 08-07-2003, 05:25 PM   #1
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i wanted to know anyone with experience about CopperSafe.

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Old 08-08-2003, 06:44 AM   #2
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No personal experience with it - just bumping you ^up^.

Would this be used in FO or reef?

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Old 08-08-2003, 11:17 AM   #3
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I bought some of that for an ich problem I had a couple months ago. My fish were going down hill fast, and I had to have a treatment NOW. Since the situation was deteriorating so rapidly, I wanted a copper treatment, since (from what I've read) it's the only sure cure. I didn't want to chance experimenting with something that MAY work.

CopperSafe is a chelated form of copper, and that's all the store had in the way of copper treatments, so I bought it. They didn't, however have a chelated copper test kit. It was Sunday night, and no other stores would be open by the time I got to them. I bought it with the intention of going out the next morning to get a test kit (you HAVE to have a test kit if you are going to treat with copper). I couldn't find a chelated copper test kit at any stores in my area after having visited 3, so I bought a copper salt medication (Copper(II) Sulfate), and a test kit for ionic copper, and switched to medicating with that form of copper. Worked like magic.

Just a friendly reminder... don't dose a tank that houses inverts with copper, or you'll be saying "bye-bye" to all of them.

The following is my speculation on CopperSafe (I have a decent knowledge of chemistry (I work as a research technician in a chemical research lab)):

CopperSafe has it's copper chelated (think of "chelated" as meaning "enclosed in a larger molecule") in EDTA (a common chelating agent). Ultimately, the copper would be released from the EDTA in it's ionic form (which is what's required to kill the ich), but it would be released slowly as compared to a salt solution (copper(II) sulfate). If your fish are on their death bed, I would opt for the salt solution, as the copper ions will instantly be available as opposed to the slow release of the chelated form. The advantage of the chelated form is that if you are forgetful about dosing the tank, the chelated form will be more forgiving. If your fish look like they are just a little sick, and are not on their death bed, CopperSafe should work just as well in the long run. You should remove any carbon filter you have during either treatment, but especially make sure that you remove it if you go the CopperSafe route.

Like I said... the above is my speculation. Don't take any of it as "set-in-stone" fact. Good luck.
yer pal,
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Old 08-10-2003, 11:28 AM   #4
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Pufferman, you need to qt your fish before you introduce them to your main tank! What size tank do you have? I have used coppersafe in the past (about 5 years ago when I did not qt my fish) and had good luck with it. But it killed some of my small fish (damsels, small clowns). Ever since I started to qt my new fish I have had no problems with disease because if the new fish had ich or something it would get it while it was in the qt tank and I could treat it there. I use a 20 gallon qt tank and my main tank is 75 gallons. If a new fish is going to get sick it will most likely get sick with in the first weeks that you have it. This is because the stress of shipping and new tanks weaken the immune system of the fish and thus it brings out a disease. I can't stress this enough- PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE! Some chemicals that I use in my tank to prevent disease and that I have good luck with are products by "Tropical Science". These chemicals include "Marine Max" (I add this to my tank every time a new fish is introduced and also when a fish is in a qt tank) and "Marine Care Plus" (water treatment). I have had very good luck with these chemicals. Another thing that could be contributing to disease is the diet of the fish. What are you feeding them? A yellow tang needs at least a 55 gallon tank and lots of green food. They will take flakes but cannot live off them alone and will slowly lose color and waste away and die if green food is not fed ( Marine alge, Sea Weed, ect). What other fish are in the tank? After the ich has cleared up make sure you qt your fish. If you don't your just asking for this to happen all over again. Believe me I have been down that road several times.
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Old 08-12-2003, 03:33 PM   #5
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I just ended a month of treatment with copper Safe in my 220 gal tank and I'm very satisfied. My fish were very sick but they all look great now. I never kept my ppm over 1.25 and it worked just fine. Today I will returned to the tank all my live rock and invertebrates.
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Old 08-14-2003, 02:14 PM   #6
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i have only one yellow tang in a 30 gallon

30 gallon SW tank;EHEIM ECCO 2235 Canister Filter w/Miracle-Working Chemi-Pure
TetraTec UV1 UV Sterilizer;Rio 50 Powerhead ;130w PC lighting;33 Lbs. of Tonga Branch LR;Nature's Ocean Live Sand (the bagged stuff)
Livestock:2-Ocellaris Clownfish;9-Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs;1-Regal Tang;Zoanthids, Pineapple Brain coral, Sebae Anemone, Colt Coral, Galaxea
Tank Specs as of December 29, 2005:Ammonia:0;Nitrite: 0;Nitrate=0;Cu:0
PH: 8.3
SG: 1.028;Temp: 79-84 degrees F (Adjusts throughout the day)
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