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I would first like to say that I am sorry about the cowfish.

One thing I would like you to clearly understand about what I have been trying to convey in all the information I and others have been giving you. Our only concerned with the well being of your tank , it's livestock and you. We have absolutely nothing to gain personaly. The info coming from your LFS may have the best intentions but it will not usually be with the livestock in mind.

Originally Posted by Gauge
On the ich issue in particular, I kind of believe the "ich is always in your tank" theory. Please don't be upset about that, though. I've heard both sides argued by a lot of people.
You may not believe me now but in time you will. That you can take to the bank. Once the fish are properly introduced, things will make much more sense. I guess this will be one of those "seeing is believing " scenario's.

My tomato clown seems to be doing fine in the main tank now, though. You remember when I had the nitrite issue, I assume, and I finally got that to go away. My water parameters were perfect... so I added a chromis. I waited a few days and they remained perfect, so I got rid of the chromis and added the clownfish, thus keeping about the same load. Then after they were still in line, I switched out my other chromis for the cowfish. Then the nitrites went back up to about 0.05-0.1.
The main issue here is moving faster than your tank can keep up. You have in a few short weeks gone from a total tear down, cleaning and re-setting, to adding three fish in a few short weeks. The tank simpley cannot keep up with that.

Patience is your main ally in SW aquaria. The slower you go the better your success. The old adage still comes back to me....

"Nothing good happens fast in marine aquaria, only the bad"

I ordered a 75 gallon sump setup, and it should be here next week. I'm going to set it up, slowly remove the biomedia out of my bakpak, and then slowly add fish. I figure one fish per week or two starting with the most hardy fish I want and moving up to the least.
Good to hear about the added filtration. The fish stocking should be much slower though. It would be best done at the rate of one fish every 3-4 weeks at the most. This will allow the bio filter in the system to keep pace with your additions and eliminte the nitrite issues. Don't think due to the larger sump that will change. Bacteria only grow to match the load that feeds them. It must be allowed time to grow with each new addition. After a new fish has properly gone through the QT first, the next fish can then be sought out and while it's in the QT for 3-4 weeks, that will allow the proper time to pass before it's introduction to the display tank.

I'm also going to get my QT tank going full time. I'm going to buy a couple chromis (maybe one, but probably two) and put them in there to keep it cycled
That is actually not necessary. The QT can keep it's bacterial strength without live stock. The fish or any other live animals is not necessary. You only need add some small amounts of food about twice a week or so to maintain the bacteria. Anything that rots creates ammonia. As long as ammonia is being generated the nitrogen cycle will continue.

1) How long do you think chromis could last in a little critter ball or breeder net without stressing to death? I really hate trying to catch those little buggers because they make me move all my rock just to get them.
Answered above..

2) I would like to have some sort of substrate in the QT tank so it looks even remotely presentable. I know that copper can stay in your substrate almost indefinitely. Is there any problem with new fish getting a hint of copper? Isn't it nearly (if not entirely) harmless to fish as long as it's within the right range?
Although it is not recommended that is possible. Keep it light and always run a poly filter and carbon after a treatment is finished. Also be aware that you will never be able to use the QT for anything else or any of it's equipment either.

3) I wouldn't mind keeping the permanent QT tank fish in the QT tank while I'm QTing a new fish for the main tank. However, the fish that seem obvious to use for this task are chromis (or some other damsel). The reason I would move them from QT to main when I'm QTing a new fish is to avoid territorialism, which damsels are prone to, even if it's to varying degrees. Could you recommend another inexpensive, hardy fish that is not prone to territorialism so I don't have to move them?
As I stated above, this is not necessary nor is it recommended. It is also not proper husbandry to use fish in such a manner.

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