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Old 05-30-2005, 12:45 PM   #11
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Man... Get off her case already.

She KNOWS its at least 7.5 years old, and if she doesnt want to take pictures of her eels, than she doesnt have to.

Give her a break already!
Old 05-30-2005, 01:15 PM   #12
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Man... Get off her case already.
Well now, so you not find it funny one to have a gallery and been boasting of these four eels in one tank for well more then i year from what i could see and not have any photos what so ever Now that is strange for all i come across want to show their animals but this it not being truthful for i came across so many like this boasting and boasting again and again and when one ask to see pictures, a fire gets lighted under her collar and why is that, she not have those eels that`s why. I seen this nonsense so many times and all i wanted to finally is see these eels of what she boast about having and if she not, then it is only a big lie and if she does and post a photo of these four together, i will tell her of how sincere i am and post an open apologies right here and now i would. So unless other wise she done so, how can you assume it be true to something you not seen? For i seen so many who tell much false about what they have in which i said she might had at one time but cannot prove this and if a person can take a photo of the other marine corals or other wise, why leave out what one hears often about when posting responses to others/ For it not make any sense And as i said, I finally wanted to see these four eels in one tank, and i guess it be a no show so fine, i not believe it now since i called her bluff ................
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as I said, I had no RECENT pictures, these are pictures in old posts made here.
I do not need to post my pictures in the photo galleries to prove I have the fish that I mention.
You are being rather annoying in your postings and I am putting these links up only to shut you up.
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Old 05-30-2005, 03:52 PM   #14
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and to show they are really in the same frigging tank.....


(hopefully offsite linking will let you in)
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Old 05-30-2005, 04:00 PM   #15
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DragonMorayEels, Maybe you dont realize that Hara is an advisor here that makes her much more than the average member. She has this status for many reasons and making stuff up about her tank is not one of them. If she says she has four eels in a tank then she has four eels in a tank. If you must see photos to belive her then your going to be disapponted as I know she does not have the spair time to sit infront of a tank and wait for eels to come out of their 'holes' just to satisfy your doubts. Now if you have the time to sit for hours infront of a tank for a few photos then thats great but I know hara does not have the time nor do I for that case. I hardly post photos of my tanks any more. Does that mean I dont have any tanks? NOPE.

Continued pressing in this issue will be consitered a form of harrassment and last time I looked that was not permitted via the user agreement.
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Old 05-30-2005, 06:51 PM   #16
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Sorry for your loss.

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Old 05-30-2005, 07:01 PM   #17
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Hara, I'm also sorry for your loss (it's really one of the family), and I'm also sorry about the harrassment you're taking here lately. Heads Up!
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Old 05-30-2005, 07:37 PM   #18
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Hey Hara sorry about the loss......

You can get real attached to the pets you love...I know I do.

PS. We got your back...
Remember to Keep Christ First!
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Old 05-30-2005, 09:30 PM   #19
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Sorry for your loss Hara, we have all lost animals that we worked hard to keep and it can be disheartening.
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Old 05-30-2005, 11:54 PM   #20
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Hara, You should know that I not wish any hobbyist to loose any of their aquarium animals for it is a sad thing
I no other thing to ask you other then to wanted to see these fimbriated morays, Old age is not an issue, and i know you an SF and as the Jewel moray which you Lost All I asked was that you shown no pictures of these fimbriated morays even in your Gallery. Now i asked of you to see a photo, i not made anything back in return other then this line as;

the fimbriated morays are doing fine, no pictures as they are quite reclusive
This is not the way of the fimbriated morays for they are more openly and exploration wise for they hunt and are quite aggressive and the last thing months ago from what you said is the seem then like more like wimps but i did say if it was as so the SF pick at then, the tables would had turned long before now from 1 1/2 years ago for that is how old that picture is with the fimbriated & SF moray.
So only with you the fimbriated is quite reclusive in hiding not to be seen for this isn`t the way with this eel species and i did ask you rather nice and hara got hot under the collar and why is that, you not want anyone to ask you, is that why? People are always asking me to see up to date pictures and not the same ones i posted two years ago. So you only want to bank on a photo that you posted somewhere some 18 months ago or so and not ask to see any up to this date photos. I not see where this request is so wrong and those others here wish to defend you for some reason, i guess you got them all believing blindly because posting the reason you can `t take any photos (if you truly still have them, in which i said that i believed that at one time you did have those eels) is not a true reason for so many others had or have the fimbriated and have no problems taking pictures. I mean for heaven shakes, my DME`s are much more reclusive and that eel for my female DME i can barely get more then 8" body shot of here, but she will stick her head out some 5" like all even dwarf eels are more reclusive.
I only said then that if you refuse to show what you claim all these months you have and no one even seen them and just because you once did, and you got a head shot of it, why then you cannot now? For it will always at anytime pop its head out from the rock work.

I also told you that I have no recent pictures of them. They are reclusive and I have not spent the time and effort to photograph them...I will not make a special effort to do so.
That tells me you not have those eels any more and im sorry for what ever happened back then So, OK, you not need to knock yourself out trying to take pictures of one the more easiest eels to get a full body shot of for they venture out day or night.
So even that you complied and posted some photos, you show not the eels i first asked you nice about seeing in the first place and you started being touchy about it making excuses for that is what it is when one will try and say the fimbriated morays are reclusive and their only way of reclusive is being solitary creatures.

fishfreek, I know what she is under the name, but it not means one tells the truth just because there title is advisor for I went back looking at some things and found something that Hara posted; Tue Sep 23, 2003 Where hara mentions in getting a Gymnothorax favagineus (tesselata) to mix with the fimbriated morays in which those eels better kill this one for in time it will kill them and is just a s bad as they, only way much bigger in size for they in the wild can grow a max size of 10' (300 CM) And would need as equal size that that as the green moray.
fishfreek, you can believe what you want, I seen too many do the same thing like this in making an excuse just so no one will ask her but i know better of those eels and that they not all as so she says, so believe what you want. For if she had these eels still, she could take a picture even if she did have some eel species that wishes to hide all the time. And for most who even bother to go into aquarium forums sites, one has to believe they have a tank, but when one boast so many times of four eels in a 120 and no one ever sees them, and then some one ask to see it and she makes up excuses and of course she has your blessing in hiding away behind your that you will blindly believe all she says and not witness it for in RC and all over folks ask to see up to date photos, i not tell them i cant because the eel has some shy problem, but yet again those eels not are like that.
I will not bother to ask her a darn thing ever again for i know it is nonsense of what she is saying that in no way she can even get a head shot LOL you wish to believe that, you do so with any others who believe ones just because a long time ago she did and i said it that she did without even seeing a photo because where and why she is mentioning it all the time and did she not figured that in some time someone was going to ask her to see some photos.
And if it was true these eels are in that tank, with what little rock work it has the eels can be spotted easy like. So who was to know by just asking to see an up dated photo that it would went into excuses If i known it, i not had ask her.

See, one other only asked for her to please keep up with the updated pictures as i asked for updated photo on the fimbriated morays.
reefrunner69, what you want to say in a PM that you cannot say here? maybe you want i not asked here nothing then what type of forum is this in that case were one asked of something and nothing but excuses that she cannot manage to take photos of them, that is Ridiculous. And if you a mind to ban me further entry, then do so, i not need this BS for that is what she is doing, for it is a lie in what she saying and if you the knowledge within morays, then you.
So hara, i not care to see anything from you for i know you are only making excuses for yourself here. And reefrunner69, you want to know how many phonies are in many forums? the number can shock you really if you had any idea in how many for one person some years ago ask me if i can send him some pictures of my eels and he in turn emailed me what he said was his dwarf golden moray. Some ten months later because i do much research i came across the very same pictures he sent me with the same image name and all and not to long after that, one person in a forum said she knew one guy who has a pair of Dragon morays as i do and she in instant message box sent them to me and the very moment i see them i told her those are my photos and my dragons

So im done asking you Hara for after i asked you the second time you got offensive about it and made what excuses you wanted too so enjoy. Im done with folks who be full of it.

Happy Aquariums all
Closed Thread

jewel, loss, moray

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