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Old 10-12-2018, 06:18 PM   #1
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Betta laying at bottom

Our little Betta fish has been laying at the bottom of the tank for a couple days. It will move spots from time to time, but is not swimming around like before. I donít see any signs of sickness on its fins
We are into day 2 of fasting it. The tank had a filter system and a heater that keeps the water at 78 degrees. I have done a 50% water change. Anything else I can do for the little guy?

Here is a photo: https://m.imgur.com/sHRottI?r

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Do you happen to know what the Ammonia, nitrIte and NitrAte is? If his water parameters are off/have been out of safe zone he could be sick from that.

Did he get over fed last week?

Before the recent water change, when was the last water change and how much water?

What size is the tank?

Are you familiar with the nitrification cycle? Did you cycle the tank and how long have you had him, and also the tank?

Do/did you replace the filter pad in the past few weeks /month or so? Or rinse out in faucet water?

In the past month maybe 3 weeks back had there been a long time that he did not get a water change?

It could be a mini cycle if a pad was rinsed in untreated faucet water, or replaced lost the BB to keep it running smoothly.

Could be internal parasites...or constipation...have you noticed the fish pooping recently? look normal or white and stringy?

If it is a constipation issue you can feed him the inside of a cooked to soft texture green pea the round pea inside the outer hull of the round part/actual pea. Since he has been fasted he will probably try and eat it. Try and squeeze some juice from a piece of garlic clove on it if you try a couple times and he still doesn't eat it. The garlic usually makes it more appealing to fish.

Test for Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate, - pH, GH and KH as well if you have the test liquids or go to the store and have it tested. Get the actual numbers for each thing from them, not just it's fine or a little low/high, etc.

In general any time I have a fish not looking well there are a number of things to think about, these are some of the very basic ones.

Also do another pwc (partial water change) let's say 50%. Make sure that the dechlorinator you have is being used at the correct amount and neutralizes/binds ammonia AND Chloramines if your water supplier uses them. Usually it will tell you. Chloramines are tougher to break down and last longer to keep out tap water "safe" for drinking and toxic to BB (beneficial Bacteria) which keep your tank able to process waste in the nitrification cycle.


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I used a test strip in the tank. Ammonia and nitrates were in "acceptable" range. The water is very hard.

The fish may have been overfed last week. We have been giving a small pinch of flakes twice a day.

I usually do a 50% water change every week.

The tank is 2.5 gallons.

We got the fish back in January. We got the tank at the same time. He's been doing fine since we got him, other than the past week.

I replace the filter each month. It get so nasty to the point it even starts turning black. Rinsing it didn't seems to clean it much.

He gets a water change once a week. We did do some traveling last month so he may have gone two weeks. Also possibly overfed by the pet sitter.

I have not noticed the fish pooping. Here is what I did: I got a small, plastic tank and placed him in there. I gave him a single pea (chopped up), which I did see him eat. Otherwise he was fasted. I can't say I noticed anything white or stringy. There were a couple small, brown "pellets". Today I put him back in his regular tank since it has more space and is heated.

It sure sounds like he has swim bladder. As I left him this morning, he was laying the bottom of his tank. He would move some place to place on the bottom, but is not swimming around. I gave him just 2-3 tiny betta pellets. Did not appear he ate them.
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Could be the beginning of dropsy??? Look for his scales to begin pineconing.

I've got some experience in both 2.5g and 3g nano betta tanks. The thing to remember is water parameters change quickly in these small size tanks. After dealing with disease and fish death over the years I found that in these specifically small tanks....50% water changes every 4-5 days in a cycled tank was needed to keep the water quality suitable for long term fish health. Also use a turkey baster to suck up all fish poo and old food from the bottom during your water change.

Idk what acceptable range means. Any ammonia or nitrites are not acceptable for long term fish health. Nitrates shouldn't be over 40 ppm by the time you do your water change. Use a good dechlorinator like Seachem Prime.

Whenever you get an overfeeding where the water quality is compromised do multiple 50% water changes until levels are back to normal.....0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10-20 ppm nitrates?? Test strips are garbage and highly inaccurate. Liquid test kits should be used to test your water such as an API master test kit.

Pellets seem to be less messy than flakes in general. 4 to 5 "betta" pellets a day is sufficient. Fasting once a week.... skipping one day of feeding....is common practice for a lot of fish keepers for digestive health.

Keep an eye on him and see if things get worse or if other visible symptoms arise.
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betta, bottom

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