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Old 04-17-2005, 04:59 PM   #1
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betta with dropsy

My betta has dropsy

I'll answer the typical sick fish questions at the bottom of this, so scroll down if you want to see that first. I set up a 2 gal a month ago with a heater but no filter and a male betta. Usually I did 75% water changes every other day or so but due to life I missed a bunch so it was nearly a week. At that time, B.B. (his name) was bloated, one eye bulging and cloudy, discolored, and his scales are slightly raised. I did a water change instantly (this was Friday), added a tablespoon of aquarium salt. Saturday I did another 75% water change with salt and started giving Maracyn-Two medication. Today I haven't done anything yet.

I know the survival rate is low but B.B is still active and readily takes food. In fact, he acts completely normal even though he looks horrible. Question time, should I do daily 75% water changes while adding medication or something different? Should I even bother with the salt? Are there better meds for dropsy then maracyn-two by mardel? I have a 10 gal qt tank with filter that has lots of current even on low, should I move him there? Should I raise the temp (76) or lower it or does that not help with dropsy? Anything I'm missing? Thanks all!

Male betta. Bloated, one eye bulging and cloudy, discolored, slightly raised scales. Active, eats readily. Fins are not clamped.
ammonia .25, nitrites 0, nitrates 0, temp 76, pH 6.8
2 gal, set up 1 month, no tank mates
No filtration, just water changes and a heater
Usually 75% water change every other day. Missed a few and a week went by before I did another.
Nothing new added since set up.
Feeding mostly HBH betta bites and frozen blood worms.

I'll try to add a picture sometime today if I can.

29 gal - (planted 1 wpg)
1 BGK, 1 albino sinegal bicher, 2 angels (koi and blusher)

10 gal - (QT) 1 angel
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Sorry about your betta. I would continue the Maracyn 2. We can't be sure of what causes dropsy. It could be bacterial, viral, a tumor, fluid buildup, etc. So I would say that continuing with the Maracyn is the best thing to do. Is his eye still swollen? The Maracyn will help with that.

I would also, slowly, turn the temperature up to 80 degrees. Try one degree every 12 hours. 76 is too cool for a betta. I wouldn't add any more salt. One tablespoon per 2 gallons is a lot. Keep up with the water changes to lower the ammonia and give a second course (5 additional days) of Maracyn if necessary. There aren't really any meds just for dropsy; you can try an antibiotic. I have read that epsom salt draws out the bloat but that has been unsuccessful for me. I had a betta once that was badly bloated for 10 days before he died. He was still eating and active too, until right near the end. Hopefully yours will pull through.

Also, if your betta is still eating, try giving him a pea. If you have frozen peas, put a few in a glass of water, and microwave on high for 4 1/2 minutes. Let cool, peel and discard the skin, and cut the "meat" of the pea into small pieces that are the same size as his pellet food (so he will accept it more readily). Sometimes peas can relieve constipation or bloating. Usually it's a good idea to feed peas once a week to try to prevent bloating, but if your betta is still eating, try giving him some pea pieces and it might help. Good luck!

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betta, dropsy

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