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Escaped snail and neon tetra disease

I hate that my first post here has to be this! But it's first on my mind, so I wanted to address it now.

1) My mystery snail, a clever lady, escaped last night. I estimate she was out between 14 and 20 hours. She is currently quite alive and has eaten, but seems sort of weak and the other snails won't leave her alone - I had to remove the male mystery because he won't let her alone for a minute, always trying to mate! So I dropped him into a cup with a lid, and I'll probably put him back in the tank tomorrow; one night in a cup won't hurt him. Also, during the escape she fell and has a couple of tiny cracks in her shell. What high calcium foods do you recommend? I can't use calcium right now because my pH is already too high, so I'd prefer to give the calcium in food form rather than adding calcium to the tank water.

2) My neon tetras were contaminated when I got them, apparently, and they had neon tetra disease or another disease that presents similarly. I originally had 9 and have removed and euthanized 6, still trying to catch the remaining three. Can these diseases pass on to snails or ghost shrimp, the only animals the tank is shared with?

Advice is greatly appreciated!

1~What type of fish is afflicted? In addition, please describe what is wrong with the fish to the best of your ability (i.e. cotton like growth, bloated, etc.). Neon tetras are ill and pale, especially pale in patches. They also have erratic behavior and poor appetite. But this isn't really about them, and I have already decided to remove them because of very likely neon tetra disease.
2~What are your tank parameters (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, temp, pH)? Please give exact values. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate appx 10ppm, temp 76-78F, pH appx 7.4
3~ How large is the tank? How long has the tank been set up? 6 gallons, appx 6 weeks
4~What type of filtration are you using? Please give the name and number (i.e. Fluval 304) and amount of gph if known. AquaClear 20, using Ammo-Carb and Purigen
5~How many fish are in the tank? What kinds of fish are they and what are their current sizes? 3 black neon tetras, appx 1.25 inches long. 6 ghost shrimp (2 are pregnant), 2 medium sized mystery snails, 4 small olive nerites, unknown number of baby nerites
6~When is the last time you did a water change and vacuum the gravel? How often do you do this? How much water do you remove at a time? Did 40% water change about 5 days ago, with vacuuming gravel. I generally do partial changes every week, still trying to get nitrates down to 5ppm or less. Never more than 40% at a time, generally 10%-25%.
7~How long have you had the fish? If the fish is new, how did you acclimate it/them? Around 4 weeks
8~Have you added anything new to the tank--decor, new dechlorinator, new substrate, etc.? Marimo balls but the tetras have been ill far longer than that.
9~What kind of food have you been feeding your fish, have you changed their diet recently? Omega One, no recent changes besides adding zucchini for the snails, and they were ill far before that.
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