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Old 07-17-2011, 07:13 AM   #1
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Unhappy Need Help involving table salt,tetra and clown loach

I made the most silliest mistake of adding table salt to my aquarium without dissolving it properly first after noticing one of my black widow tetra had an infection.

Big mistake one of my clown loach started going crazy!!!
He/She still is going crazy looks like its trying to itch!!! I have done two 50% water changes but can still see salt particules in the water and can still see my clown loach is going crazy.

I dont know what else to do to get rid of the salt maybe do more water changes?

On the good side the black widow is no longer gasping for air and the infection seems to be looking much better.

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For now, PWC's is your answer. Unfortunately in this case clown loaches are scaleless fish and can be highly irritated by salt. So yes, PWC's to lower the salt concentration.

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Use of Salt

Good morning lucy...

Sorry to hear of your salt issue. Actually, a little salt, about one teaspoon per five gallons of your water change water is a good thing. However, it needs to be aquarium salt and never table salt. Table salt can contain additives that aren't good for your fish. Now you know, experience is the best teacher.

I'm in agreement with jcolon. Large and frequent water changes are always the best thing for your tank in general.

Back to the aquarium salt, I periodically use standard aquarium salt in my liverbearer tanks. It replaces minerals in the water that are good for your fishes' immune system. Specifically, it strenghtens the "slime coat", the covering on the fishes' skin that protects it from disease causing bacteria that's present in most aquariums. It also kills most of the bad forms of bacteria and promotes good gill function.

Keep up with a good tank maintenance routine and your fish and loaches should soon recover.

"Fear not, my young apprentice. Just change the tank water."
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I disagree about the regular salt usage thing, but that's another subject upon itself.

Do you have a gravel vac? Piece of airline tubing? Try to suck out all of the granules and then do some big water changes, salt is only necessary as a treatment but you have to be very careful with scaleless fishes.
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Originally Posted by jcolon View Post
For now, PWC's is your answer. Unfortunately in this case clown loaches are scaleless fish and can be highly irritated by salt. So yes, PWC's to lower the salt concentration.

Thank you, the water changes have woked, each time i did a water change i noticed my clown loach had improved each time.

junior is now back to normal!
I was really worried I was going to lose him/her.

Ok so after the salt situation> I'm never going to use it again.
I have read that some clown loach can handle it with no probs like my three babies(Clown loach) and some its like acid, like how it affected junior.

The fish that had the infection (Black widow tetra) died it looked fine after the salt stopped gasping for air etc but then on Monday night it died at some point.

It had a growth on its side that had grew and popped, it was healing fine but the all of a sudden it got infected.

heres what it was as I'm terrible at explaining these things....

Lymphocystis is an infectious viral disease of freshwater and saltwater fishes that causes cell enlargement (many more times than normal cell size), also called hypertrophy, usually on the skin and fins. The enlarged cell nodules may each reach 0.3 mm to greater than 2.0 mm in diameter, each becoming a virus factory. Lymphocystis is the most common viral infection of aquarium fish, and has been reported in over 125 species of freshwater and marine fishes.
The disease usually runs its course in 4 or more weeks (depending on species involved, water temperature, and other variables) and then the enlarged cells rupture or slough off and release the viral particles into the water. While infected, the fish may become slowed or weakened, or more visible, and thus be more prone to predation or attack. If there are mouth lesions, the fish may have difficulty in feeding or may not be able to feed. The low mortality rate some attribute to lymphocystis is mostly due to secondary bacterial or fungal infections. I have worked with many thousands of fishes of various freshwater and salt water species and do not recall a single death being directly due to a lymphocystis infection.
After lymphocystis lesions are lost, the host tissue heals up. Adhesions and scarring can occur during healing. If the gills are affected, the fish can have difficulty breathing, especially if gill surface areas are destroyed (no longer present), or adhesions or scarring occur and gill surfaces are thus reduced in surface area or functional quality for oxygen uptake.
The viral particles in the water can go on to infect another fish of the same or closely related species. I suspect the virus can also become dormant and remain viable in sediments for years. The virus may be stored for years (for future research) by either freezing or freeze-drying the separated viral particles, infected tissues, or infected whole fish.
The disease poses no known health hazard to humans. To decrease spreading this disease to other fishes, infected fish should be buried or burned, and not thrown back into the water.
The viral agent of lymphocystis disease is an iridovirus (of the family Iridoviridae) called Lymphocystivirus (genus name). Iridoviruses range from 120-300 nm (nanometer = one billionth of a meter) in diameter. Iridoviruses have an icosohedral or 20-sided shape, and a DNA core.
I have worked on the disease in silver perch (Bairdiella chrysura), white-tailed damselfish (Dascyllus aruanus), black-tailed humbug (Dascyllus melanurus), copper banded angelfish (Chelmon rostratus), Koran angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus), Moorish idol (Zanclus canescens), foureye butterflyfish (Chaetodon capistratus), orbiculate bat fish (Platax orbicularis), queen angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris), and warmouth or goggle-eye (Lepomis gulosus).

Read more: Growth on Black Skirt Tetra

Ok so the clown loach arern't out the woods yet, I had noticed the clown loach were nipping at the black widows wound every now and then then when I realised it had died I was really confused as there was no body!

My baby lown loach have a bamboo looking ornament as there bed/ hiding place as the other bed/hiding place is taken up by the pleco, Rainbow shark and junior the bigger clown loach. ( they argue over there little hiding log which is tiny by pushing each other out but neither of them would use the other hiding place which is 3times the size) any hows this bamboo thing has a corner in it its a great hiding place you can't see through it or anything.

I had noticed the baby clown loach werent as hungry at feeding time which is first thing in the morning and I have one baby that gets a huge swallon belly every time it feeds which it had before I had even put the food in (slightly cooked peas and flakes).

So I pulled there bamboo bed/hiding space out and found the black widows body. It looked normal till I noticed the whole where the ifection was and it was hollow the whole fish was hollow? will they get ill from this? I'm wondering already which fish is going to get lymphocyst next! and worried my clown loach might get it?

I know lymphocyst is in my tank and I'm never going to get rid of it.
My bigger tank turned up today I'm going to set it up properly and make sure its right before adding this fish. I'm also not going to add them all at once.

Im going to leave at least a week between clown loach to tetra etc

but will the new tank also carry lymphocyst once I have moved the fish.

I'm not going to use the water from my current tank.

also i now have testing kits etc for the new tank as I was pretty foolish getting the fish I got for the tank I got and never even new about testing kits etc.

They happily sold the fish to me knowing what I had! I did my research on the fish I had got after I had got them. So wish I didn't rush into it and so wish I did my homework on them first although luckily only one has died so far.

I don't want to lose anymore however! which is why I have joined this site.

Really sorry for the bad typing.
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clown, clown loach, loach, salt, tetra

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