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Old 09-11-2012, 10:03 AM   #51
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This thread wasn't created to scold everyone about every thread they create. As I've said multiple times before this is about people asking the exact same question as the 5 million other people who have already asked it. If a person honestly doesn't know what it is in their tank they are looking at then I have no complaint against them for posting asking for help. The issue I find is that people are asking for help identifying something by name. Aiptasia was the example I used as it is the one I see most often. If someone creates a thread looking to identify something that they don't know what it is then go nuts. If a person creates a thread asking if it's aiptasia and they actually ask about it by name then I have an issue with it. If you know what it's called then why can't you search the forum for other posts on the same subject or even google. If someone is genuinely concerned about what's in their tank then they can yield much faster results by looking into it themselves than they can by asking us. You can confirm its aiptasia in seconds with a google search as opposed to possibly hours waiting for a response on this forum. Also just to clarify I aimed this at newbies because an even slightly experienced reef keeper generally knows what aiptasia is and doesn't need to ask about it as it is such a common thing to encounter. I will be writing an article to discuss aiptasia so we can hopefully cut down on repeat aiptasia posts.

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Old 09-30-2012, 10:39 PM   #52
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Originally Posted by Wroberson View Post
I think many of people start new threads because they don't want to hijack someone else's thread or be accused of it. Their situation is as unique as the other posts. Somtimes ich occurs at a specific temperature, sometimes it's brought home with the last fish or plant they bought, sometimes it caused by improper nutrition or contaminated water.

I understand the OP's stress too. I desire new information also. Then there's this social networking thing and wanting to be heard.

I'll weigh in here as a noob and forum junkie.

I know on other forums, I've often seen someone get chastised for bumping an old thread, even though that thread contains the topic they are wanting to know about. So, it seems to depend on the forum; post a new thread about a topic that's been covered a lot, or bump a one-year old thread?

Each person's situation is unique and a lot of people ask these questions because they 1) don't know the answer or 2) aren't sure.

I have found this forum to be immensely helpful, but I've posted a few threads that definitely have been posted about before (diatoms, mopani wood, etc.).

Though it may seem annoying, you don't have to respond, or you could politely link a noob to a nice article. Many here have done that for me and I greatly appreciate it. AND I know how to use the search feature. I just don't always know what to search for.

I mean, this forum is called aquarium ADVICE after all.

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Old 10-01-2012, 12:34 AM   #53
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Originally Posted by Beehpee
Do the regular and obviously far more experienced fish fanatics on here think that sometimes people might post more as a way of getting a foot in the door so to speak, when someone new joins a forum like this one it can seem at first as though everyone knows everyone else personally and as a newbie they maybe feel a little intimidated, probably wrongly so but having limited knowledge in itself is going to deter people from speaking out at times, asking a simple question could maybe just be a way of getting a deluge of answers and gets you known to a few people at least, just a thought I might be on the wrong track totally but for what it's worth there's my 2 cents worth as you guys say... Oh and keep on answering as you all do cos I reckon I read pretty much every single post on here whether it's relevant to me or not and I've learnt tons of stuff by doing so.

I agree with Bee...I am not really a social creature. I am here for the information first...but when you have been here in the background for almost a year and never really posted because you don't want to sound like an idiot or do something "wrong"... especially if you're like me and have never actually taken the time to join a forum before...the social aspect of it becomes appealing. I've read so many posts about ich on here learning how to deal with mine and my brothers tanks that I can easily and eagerly help someone out. Someone mentioned that each photo is unique and it does seem like it would be rude to post a pic with a question on someone else's thread. I found this forum by googling to solve my own issues...I stayed because of the friendly helpful members. .

I understand how repetition can be frustrating...but perhaps some of them are just trying to get a foot in the door. Just a thought.
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Old 10-01-2012, 07:57 AM   #54
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Firstly I never said to high jack someone else's thread. What I said was to do a search and read through them. I don't have a problem with people posting and asking about an issue, I have a concern when people post a pic and ask "is this aiptasia" they clearly know the name of it so they have the basis of information to look into it on their own. I'm not saying we can't help or won't help but people post asking for help and then get ancy bumping the thread and such waiting for a response when they could have saved everyone time by looking themselves. I believe this thread can be closed now mods.

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