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Old 12-16-2013, 06:01 PM   #41
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My worst mistake but out of ignorance.
When I was 9 (38 years ago lol) I won a goldfish at the fair. One of those games where if you can get the ping pong ball into a goldfish bowl, you get the bowl and the fish. Bought the fish home and stuck him in the bowl. No chemicals, no acclimatisation, no cycling. Cleaning him out was a 100% water change and the gravel etc being completely rinsed out.
With all the info we have now, it seems cruel, but I loved that little guy, he started my love affair with fish and he finally passed away when I was at college.

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Old 12-16-2013, 06:28 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by Brookster123 View Post
Figures, someone starts a mistake thread and there I go forgetting to plug in filters and heater after a wc, tank dropped 10 degrees in 10 hours!
Yikes, I take it is winter over there?

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Old 12-16-2013, 07:37 PM   #43
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Yup, my heaters are very loud so I don't run them as often as I should, needless to say my apt gets cold at night..
I'm not really here... fell in the tank and my phone is just that smart
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Old 12-16-2013, 08:56 PM   #44
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Where to start? Well 3 yrs ago I went to walmart and bought 3 fancy goldfish and 1 small random goldfish (I think it was just a feeder) and stuck them all in one of those little corner 1 gallon tanks. I didn't even buy the right water treatment (bought clear water instead of start right or w/e) and they all ended up dead in 20 minutes. Then I got a betta (2nd betta, first one died in less than a week from infection) and he lasted for 3 yrs. He lived in the little 1 gallon most of the time. I rarely did water changes (maybe once a week at best) and when I did, I did 100%. I was even using dish soap for a while. -_-

I knew he needed more room, just didn't have the cash to buy a bigger set up. But later I did end up getting a 10 gallon for my birthday. I ended up plopping my betta & an apple snail in there. I didn't cycle it, never EVER did water changes (only top offs). The apple snail died 2 months later. At first I thought the betta tormented it to death....he did eat its eye thread thingys. Anyway, now I'm pretty sure it's because my nitrogen cycle was all crazy.

And now my latest error? Well this week I bought an automatic feeder for my fish (going on Christmas holiday soon). Problem is the feeder is bulky & requires me to leave my hood partially open. This is problematic because I have a psychotic cat. I don't know why I thought it would be okay. Anyway, tonight I noticed that one of my little rasbora has a piece of glitter stuck in its gill. This is likely from the glitter on my tree skirt which my cat likes to play with. My guess is he was sticking his paws in the tank. So anyway, guess what I decide to do? I decide to try and extract the little piece of glitter with a thimble. Um. Yeah, it didn't work out. It looks like I may have harmed the little fish more. There's redness and URG. I don't know what I was thinking.
3.5 gal tank (planted, heater & filter ~no fish)
10 gallon FW tank (6 Harlequin Rasbora & a bunch of pond snails ).
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Old 12-17-2013, 03:40 AM   #45
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It sounds amazingly stupid, but growing up we had well water and had all sorts of native fish in tanks, plus the occasional Oscar my stepdad had ( they got hole in the head because we never did water changes, just topped off).

Flash forward to me at eighteen (after some fun with a few bettas in bowls) and my first tank in a new house. After figuring out what kind of fish I wanted on the web I set the tank up. After I'd killed some tadpoles and a few guppies i went back online, which is when I learned about this thing called dechlorinater... it was literally something we'd never used because our water was the same as creek water.

Cycling came after more problems lol.

Most repeated mistake is forgetting about a water change on the middle of one and hearing all that water suddenly patter over the edge of the bucket.
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Old 12-17-2013, 07:22 AM   #46
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First tank at 16 years old + LFS advice = a hell of a lot of dead, dying and monstrously aggressive fish. Nuff said
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Old 12-18-2013, 03:37 PM   #47
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First tank at 10. Knew nothing. Nothing. 10 gal with 2 gold fish, 4 mollies, 8 neon tetras, and 2 blue gouramis. They lived with my stupidity for five years...years. Fm. Then they all died when i moved from Illinois to Ohio. That's when i became an addict and taught myself about the hobby. Lol I'm a better keeper now.
2.5 gal. Betta
10 gal. Freshwater. 1 40watt 6500k cfl. dirted and planted. No co2.
55 gal. Freshwater. Planted. 11 odessa barbs, 7 rose danios, 3 roseline sharks
90 gal. Saltwater, cycled, Soon to be reef.
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Old 12-19-2013, 04:52 AM   #48
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I used to use tap water and always kill the comets but have no idea why they died
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Old 01-09-2014, 04:20 AM   #49
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Originally Posted by Duffman22 View Post
I thought I followed directions perfectly but clearly I was wrong and must have used too much bleach when recharging purigen. I soaked it in prime and water for over a day and rinsed it out for what seemed like a very long time because I wanted to be extra safe. Then I used more prime but even with that, in a short while several Endlers died so I quickly took the purigen out and did massive water change after massive water change. The surviving Endlers had red gills for days! I felt horrible! I haven't used Purigen since but it worked great before the bleach incident.
Had the same thing happen. Lost my cycle in 2 tanks after using bleach and prime to regenerate Purigen. Haven't used Purigen since either.
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Old 01-09-2014, 04:59 AM   #50
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Turned off my filter with the intent to clean the gunk off of it, did my water change, forgot to clean the filter, when I turned it back on it fired all of the gunk all over my tank. -___- I've been doing 30-50% water changes every day to get rid of it all and the cloudiness.

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