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Old 05-01-2014, 09:31 AM   #11
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So the Carpenter's needs to be added first even if the other fish added are peaceful fish? I love the look of the Carpenter's but are there any other types of wrasse that might be better suited for my aquarium with the other fish I want to add?

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Order to introduce fish

I really like the six line wrasse! Should be among the last added. Can be aggressive, but I never had an issue with mine.

Peaceful fish fist and foremost, let them get established for a few weeks and then any aggressive fish last.

Just remember that there might be some aggressiveness at first, but it should die down within a few days. This goes for all fish.

Fish Sticks, the best thing you can do with your dead fish.
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Old 05-25-2014, 05:38 PM   #13
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Suggested Order

I suggest you study each fish over at liveaquaria.com. That will tell you what each fish needs to eat, how big they get, and whether they will be reef compatible down the road.

As for the Begaii...I have just one in my 75 and he seems perfectly content. Not aggressive and doesn't stand for being bullied.

I got the One Spot Foxface as my largest fish. I chose the Flame Angel since it stays smaller. I got two Royal Grammas and they are doing well being friendly. I got one PJ Cardinal and it's honestly my least favorite fish...it sort of helicopters around off to the side of the tank. A single Red Firefish adds some interest and I got two Ocellaris Clowns. I also got a Sailfin Blennie which is very comical and entertaining and a Neon Cleaner Goby which is so small I have a hard time keeping an eye on him.

I'd steer clear of any Wrasse with "line" in the name...they can be buttheads. I chose the McCosker's Flasher Wrasse and he hasn't been shy at all very lovely and a good eater.

My tank was used and came with three Damsels. I gave the smallest one to the LFS since it was about to be bullied to death by the other two. The biggest of these is the worst bully...I'm training him not to bother the others by showing him the net when I catch him chasing anyone. So far it's working but I'm going to hate trying to catch him if that doesn't work.

Hope this helps...oh yeah...if your fish are all young and small the order is less important. I was told to add the Angel last which I did and I haven't had any problems other than the jerky damsels that came with the tank.
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Old 05-26-2014, 08:32 AM   #14
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Thanks for the replies again. This is very helpful information for me. I have added a few fish over the last couple months and of course things have changed in what I have wanted and what I have got. I went to the store to get a Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse and a Benggai Cardinal. and I am not sure what it was but the Carpenter's that was at the store was not at all what I thought I would be getting and was not colorful at all. It was the orange color that they seem to be in every picture and there were no other pictures. I didn't really like it at all if I am being honest, so I decided I was going to go another way.

That day I came home with a Striped Fang Blenny and a Benggai Cardinal and they have been doing very well and are very interesting. That all threw off my plan, though, as I originally had the Carpenter's and a Midas Blenny on my list and those had to both be changed by what I decided on. So I started researching more and came up with a new plan. Basically that new plan was the same as the old one except I was looking into the Christmas Wrasse or Hoeven's Wrasse down the line when my copepods have had more time to increase their population. So this weekend I went to the store because I was ready to add another fish and because several local stores had sales. I went with the intent of either adding a Royal Gramma, an Ocellaris Clownfish or a Longnose Hawkfish. I ended up walking out with two Clownfish and put them in the tank on Saturday night and yesterday all four fish in the tank seemed very happy.

Anyway, because I decided to get two Clownfish instead of one I do not want to overload my tank and I am debating about the Wrasse again. I would like to watch and see how my tank does before deciding if I will be adding a Wrasse or not. That brings me to my most recent question. I would like a smaller sized Wrasse. I love the look of the Six-Line because of the coloring and the size that it gets but I don't want one that is going to torment my other fish to death so I am going to steer clear of that. I also love the Christmas Wrasse and Hoeven's Wrasse but I know they sometimes have a tendency to eat a clean up crew. I am still not sure about them. I have been told to look at some Fairy Wrasses. So that is my question. Does anyone know of a good Fairy Wrasse that stays small that they would recommend and please tell me why you would recommend it?

Thank you again for all your help.
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Old 05-26-2014, 10:48 AM   #15
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Most carpenter wrasses and flasher wrasses in general that I've seen have been juveniles. They tend to color up a lot when they grow up a bit. Don't give up on a fish just because it's a little guy
"The simplest explanation for some phenomenon is more likely to be accurate than more complicated explanations." -Occam's razor
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Old 05-28-2014, 09:01 AM   #16
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The Carpenters that I saw was about 3 inches long. I really just lost interest in them and would like to find another option or drop the wrasse altogether. My worry is that I add in a fairy wrasse or something and it gets bullied or is too scared or something and I have lost my window to add one. At the same time I know that my aquarium is still pretty new and needs time to build up the copepods, etc. needed for a wrasse. I am trying to decide what to do with that now. I am starting to be really interested in an orange back fairy wrasse now. Does anyone know much about them? Is it too late to add something like that now that I have already added 4 fish (a Striped Fang Blenny, a Benggai Cardinal and two Ocellarus Clownfish)? My next couple fish that I am planning on are a Royal Gramma and a Longnose Hawkfish or maybe some type of fairy wrasse depending on what interests me most when I go and what I can find. Does anyone have any advice to share? I am always open to listen to comments and always welcome advice.

Thank you in advance.

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fish, intro

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