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Welcome to the site!

Age is relative, you are only as old as you act....of course, this works in reverse....

Questions loved, heeded advice greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to AA!

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OK, Iím going to jump in here to try to help my friend. Hopefully the next poster can verify or add to & then perhaps we can move this to the Freshwater area, where the experts are.

I have a tendency to ďoversimplifyĒ things, as that is how I best understand them. (ok Ė no wise cracks here). I also have a tendency to use analogies for the same reason.

I tend to think, nyrmel, that for whatever reason, the cycle has stalled or stopped. This is based on the readings youíve described. I feel that there should be some reading for NitrAtes, not zero.

Moving forward, we need to get it back on track.

In reviewing the ďcycle processĒ, I tend to liken it to a game of Pac-Man (which you should remember unless you are 16). The yellow man gobbles up the ghosts. In cycling there is a Green ghost (ammonia), a purple ghost (NitrIte) and a Red ghost (NitrAte). I gave them colors to correspond to the API Test Kit (which we are using?).

Since there are fish here, then it is they who provide the green ghosts through their waste.

The yellow man gobbles up the green ghost and turns into a green man.
The green man gobbles up the purple ghost and turns purple.
Then the purple man gobbles up the red ghost and turns red.
Then, another yellow man appears and it follows the same path.
Just like PacMan, ghosts all over.

After a while the yellow men fade and disappear (the ammonia drops). Soon after that the purple men get brighter and then fade (the nitrite spiking and lowering). And finally we are left with a whole bunch of just red men zipping around. There is no one left to eat the red men, so they are removed by a 90% water change.

If you were able to grasp that then you are read for ďSpace Invaders!Ē

Now in this case, we have fish in addition to the men and ghosts, so we need to make sure the fish remain safe (or relatively so) during the game.

So going forward:

I recommend a 10% WC every other day. (only 10% - any more will pour out or destroy some ammonia that the good bacteria need to feed on)
Test the NH3 daily to insure it doesnít go above 1.0 (I donít know what is lethal as my fish survived, but I never let it get above that)
After a few days start testing the NI & NA along with it.
Once the NH3 and NI read zero (and stay zero) there should only be a NA reading.
Weekly WC should keep that in check & you should be fine, my friend.

I truly hope this helped, and hope that someone else can verify/dispute or add to what Iíve advised.

Good luck.

Bob R
Lovely little 29Gal FW community with 3 Danios, 4 Neons, 4 Serpae Tetras, 3 Plattys, 3 Albino Corys and 2 Male Dwarf Guoramis. All of whom enjoy swimming, tennis, golf and Bingo on Tuesday nights.
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Thanks bob I did try to move overto FW part but am waiting for answers there and I promise I am over 16 so therefore remember pacman quite well (but you knew that didnt you since I am guessing you already caught and knew the whole mom part and that he is old enough at 10 that would make me be a science experiment otherwise.) So i'll I will need to figure out now is since I have several fish that poop a storm (have yet to look at tank and not see at least one) I dont know why I dont have any green ghosts or ghosts of any color. I am wondering if this has something to do with the plants that are fading(as if they arent getting enough) since they feed from red men???? just thinking here but I will take the subject to the fw section. BTW I see there are more than one FW plant areas so my dieing plants with no red men should go where exactly???? I really need a map
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Welcome aboard



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