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Old 11-02-2013, 09:58 PM   #1
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12G fluval edge from scratch

noob here. i just ordered a 12g fluval edge for my birthday. i've always been interested in having an aquarium and decided to start with this relatively small tank.

i've been reading this forum (like this great guide) and other sites looking for some advice and i really want to take good care of the fish i bring into this aquarium and teach my daughter about the process. my longterm plan when we move in a year is to upgrade to a bigger tank and let my daughter take care of this one.

anyway, i figured i would just ask if what i'm investing in is off base. i literally have no gear at all and plan on being prepared when the tank arrives to cycle it fishless and get ready for the fish and plants. i'm going to post very specific things because despite many people asking specifics for this aquarium, i havent seen a good guide and maybe another noob like me would find it useful

here it goes. items to go with a brand new 12G tank:

gravel vacuum. i was gonna get the (fluval one) but would prefer the python one. my concern is it might be too strong for this smaller tank but i like the idea of not using buckets to fill the tank. both seem well reviewed but have read the fluval is designed for the 6G so might be too weak for a 12G.

filter sponge: fluval
i've read (this) is good if you get smaller fish so they don't get sucked up

filter foam: fluval
this is the filter foam designed for the filter. is this what you change when people say "change the filter"? is this the only option? how often do i change it? i've read weekly and monthly.

carbon sachet: fluval
this is the carbon sachet for the tank. again, is this the only option? is it necessary? how often do i change it? i've read in everywhere from weekly to only when it is destroyed.

thermometer: umm, no brand listed on this product
this stick on horizontal thermometer seems pretty accurate and affordable. anyone think its not good? i like the look over a floating one given the edge has no place to float

magnetic algae cleaner: small sized gulfstream
i hear this is good to get bubbles out of the edge's top (and of course algae of the sides) and is a bit better than the fluval brand's magnet so it wont pick up debris and scratch the glass. is small size too small? they have medium too.

freshwater test kit: api freshwater
this is top on amazon, i assume its good. seems consistently well reviewed

heater: not sure
this fluval edge 25W heater isn't adjustable and i think too small for this tank. i was thinking of this 100w adjustable heater from aqueon. is this too small/too much? i'm not 100% sure what type of fish but imagine something tropical

fish net: fluval triangle shaped net
i read this triangle shaped net is good for the edge because of the hard to enter top

i was gonna get 12lb of gravel. is it better to get sand if i wanted to do live plants or does that not matter?

oh, and for the cycling,
Ace Brand Janitorial Strength Ammonia
Fish Food
seachem prime dechlorinator

now, for stocking fish and plants....
all i know is this is small and i cant get whatever i think is pretty. i've heard shrimp or pygmy cory's might be good for cleanup fish and i've heard maybe 5 or 6 neon tetras plus 1 or 2 others would be nice but would love a few different combination options.

thanks for any advice on the gear, the fish or the plants! be gentle!

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Old 11-04-2013, 10:11 PM   #2
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Join Date: Nov 2013
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i just realized there is a startup forum that this might be more appropriate for. can a mod move it?

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Old 11-05-2013, 02:16 PM   #3
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I also have a 12 gallon Fluval Edge. Lots of questions...let me offer some opinions. Sounds like you have really done your homework!

-I really like the Fluval gravel vac. Doesn't take water out too fast. Hose is nice and flexible. Does tend to suck gravel all the way to the top of the tube if you aren't paying attention.

-The fluval pre-filter sponge is awesome. The filter itself is more than adequate for the tank. Keeps it sparkling clean. With the pre-filter sponge in place I really only need to lightly clean the filter every few weeks / month. I run Seachem Purigen in place of the carbon. The carbon is fine though.

-I use a 50 watt Aqueon Pro heater. Keeps the tank at 83 degrees no problem.

-Fish nets is my biggest issue with this tank. It's really hard to catch fish because there just isn't much room to work a net in there. I don't have the Fluval one so I can't give an opinion on it other than it doesn't have great reviews. I just use a small el cheapo net that I bent the handle in half to give me more room to maneuver. My best advice is be sure the fish you put in it are what you want so you don't have to worry about catching them!

-I'd get more than 12lbs of gravel. I'd get a 20lb bag personally. The tank is really tall so I think more gravel looks better.

-Picking livestock is the other frustrating thing about the aquarium. It's tough to find fish that will thrive in this setup. I've had neon tetras in mine. They do fine. I do feel kind of bad for them though as there isn't a lot of swimming room. Otos have done fine. Some probably won't agree with me but I think it makes a nice tank for a pair of German Blue Rams. That's what I have in mine right now. My pair seems to love the tank and lay eggs every 1 to 2 weeks. I've also used the tank as a shrimp tank. It makes a very nice shrimp tank if that's your thing. I kind of got tired of shrimp after a while though.
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12g, fluval, fluval edge, val

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