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Old 02-01-2006, 01:56 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by w6wat
Eheim filters, at least the Classic line, are remarkable in their horrible design, difficult operation, and high pricing. ... The Via Aqua filters seem to get a thumbs up across the board, albeit with a few minor complaints of water bypass... The Jebao filters are pretty highly regarded throughout Oceana and Asia as well as Europe. They're marketed under a plethora of brand names, and I believe Via Aqua is one... The Jebo is efficient, quiet, cavernous, easy to setup and maintain. Parts are available through limited sources at the time of this writing, but I'm sure more parts dealers will spring up soon enough with the growing popularity. The filters don't leak, are easy to prime and do what they're supposed to. All this at a very inexpensive price. In fact, they're cheaper than many HOB filters, powerheads, and internals... The Jebo is "all that", and you can believe it or not. As someone who has experience with many brands, I've made up my mind not to succumb to brand name Euphoria. The Jebo offers the most bang for the buck. In fact, it offers triple or quadruple the bang for the buck.

I might add, I have no affiliation with any manufacturer, importer, designer or retailer. My opinion is my own.
Hard to believe, since you have 2 total posts and you are knocking brands that have great track records and vouching for a company that I have heard nothing but bad things about, especially with their UVs. Somethings fishy, no pun intended.
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Getting back to the topic, my opinion for the best filter that won't break the bank is the Aquaclear 110. 32.99 at BigAl's, set up like a canister filter in that it has flexability in media and you don't have to use marked up in price filter carts. At the same time, you don't have the mess of hoses and maintenence they entail that you have with a canister. In fact, I just ordered one myself
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Well, Tony, I have only two posts on this forum. I participate in many different forums, and am often just an observer. I've been in and out of the tropical fish hobby for many years. Since the '60's actually, and very much into it since the '70's. A friend and I were some of the first DIYers to fabricate "sumps" and wet/dry filters when they first becoming popular. We tried Legos, plastic wall anchors and other forms of "bio media" to try to mimic what the Europeans were doing.

I'm knocking name brands because in my experience, they didn't live up to the claim. The Eheim Classics, despite what others may think were conceptually revolutionary in their time, but in practice were difficult to use and maintain. I've owned em, and didn't care for them. As I said, the new models are supposed to be terrific.

The Jebo brand name has suffered a poor reputation based on their first entries into the market with less than perfect lighting accessories. The filters however, enjoy a top drawer reputation. Of the few negative comments I've read across the Net, nearly everyone can be traced back to operator malfunction. Since Jebo doesn't really include any instructions, I guess some of the problems are the fault of Jebo.

I work in the construction field; I'm a cabinetmaker/furnituremaker by trade, and am familiar with many other related trades. I'm very mechanically inclined, with many years of experience. I know how things work, and what a sound design is or isn't. I like how the Jebo is put together and operates. I have nothing to do with the company, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this filter to anyone. For my hard earned bucks, a quality product that looks, operates, and feels like something costing much more is a bargain.

Congrats on your choice. The Aquaclear filters enjoy a good rap and you'll probably enjoy it. A canister would run rings around an HOB filter, but you may not need one for your application. Remember, an HOB won't allow you to place your tank as close to a wall as a canister filter, and you have to maintain it far more often. But, the maintenance is easy! The filter media in an HOB is small, and will just take a few minutes of your time. If you decide to upgrade to a larger tank in the future, don't let price ("you get what you pay for") and designer name brands be your only consideration. You can get all the bells and whistles, reliability, and ease of use at a price that will allow you to buy a few more fish or whatever. And, this doesn't only apply to Jebo filters. The Via Aqua filters are well liked, as are my Kangdes. In fact the Kangde filters are much larger than the Eheims! And, as I said before, they're so quiet, I have to touch them to make sure they're operating. I don't recommed them, because I don't know where to get them. They were given to me by a Pet Store owner to evaluate.

Anyway, let us know how you like the new filter!
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I think you did a great review w6wat. And I do have to agree with you on several points. The maintenance of a hob occurs more often than a canister. I actually prefer to maintain my canisters over the hobs. With the canister I just unplug two hoses and take the filter to the sink. With the hob I have to get a bucket so no water drips on the floor OR make a quick dash to the kitchen with it and then being careful not to clean too much because it doesn't seem like there is as much media in the hob. I too have never had a clogged tube in my canisters, not sure exactly why one would have one unless in a heavily planted tank where the leaves are small enough to work their way into the filter. Plus, it's not like cleaning the tubes are a big hassel. But I guess it just depends on how much work you want to put into your tank.
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Ok folks. Learn to play nice. In addition ones time here as a member and expecially post count should never imply ones knowlege in the hobby.
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w6wat I couldn't agree with you more about the Jebo filters. I own the 828. You could speak to Eheim owners until your blue in the face. They are convinced they have the best. In actuality the name is only what they have paid for. Those who were willing to take the chance and now offer valuable info on how good the Jebo really is should be commended.I have a Jebo UV sterilizer which is also excellent. I've also heard Via Aquas are good but they do suffer more bypass than others. As far as HOBs' go, those old enough to remember the Aquamaster PME and PL models with cylinder shaped motors on top, know what an excellent HOB is. These were high volume filters, probably the only equivalent to todays cannisters. With the bypass HOBs' have, they need high volume.

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