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Old 12-05-2014, 06:00 AM   #11
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Good, the TDS meter will be your most used tool bested only by a bucket!
Gives a good quick reference on your tank state too!

Don't worry about those formulas, they are readily available, I keep them because I need them, the temperature data came with my unit, the efficiency formula is online.
No skills, no clever stuff from me!

Thanks for looking at my pics! That's my pride and joy, it's all a bit silly but that's where I ended up! (Be careful, it could happen to you!)
I did the "under the kitchen sink" thing for a few years when the first fish room happened, since I needed a new building (the big tank didn't fit through the new door when I moved) I was "forced" into building a shed. New build or quit fish, fish win.
I ironed out almost all of the things that annoyed me about the old set up when I designed this one. It's almost perfect!

Why do you want those numbers exactly?
I used RO cut with tap for years, until the start of this year. 6-7years maybe? Maybe more?
What else will be in the water to get the TDS up? You'll get a lower reading I would think. GH/Kh 3-4 each approx is about 115-126 approx depending on mineral source. (Instrument calibration and temperature variables also effect reading)

Why do you want 6.5ph? You must already know which fish you want.
Control pH by co2, Unstable pH

Kh 1 is not a safe number, why must it be Kh 1.

TDS rises with (mainly) it's evaporation in a tank. Lots of other factors effect the TDS reading in a tank compared to (new/clean/prepared) water.
RO water rises too. (Leave some out for a day or so, the reading goes up)

If you are fairly new to this whole fish thing, test often, take notes, keep a diary or similar. These notes will form the backbone of your knowledge. Read them, you will see the patterns.

If you're mixing tap/RO you can only equally divide the mineral content of the source water. If you need to adjust an individual set, a suitable powder would be needed.
Perfectly safe for most things, depends on the quality of the source though.

FW-750L DIY, 120L, 2x110L(not my)DIY. BW-60L DIY. Sw (nearly!)(http://www.aquariumadvice.com/forums...se-284360.html)
^almost a DIY Fish House^ https://m.youtube.com/user/4tanks2day (L=litre)
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That's fantastic you were able to build a specific fish area specific to your needs. We have just moved all of my tanks onto heavy duty shelving in one room. Even though there is no sink or counter in there, I can't believe the time I'm saving! An efficient setup like yours must be incredible.

I originally wanted to purchase the RO unit to alter the water for my Betta breeding. I've been able to get some pairs to spawn and have successfully raised the fry, but our water parameters are so terrible out of the tap, getting the fish in the mood to spawn and actually follow through with it is really difficult. I was hoping that cutting the water with RO and taking it to a range closer to their natural one would assist with this.

The parameters I described to you are for the freshwater shrimp I have arriving soon. I think I was a little foolish trying to learn how to manage my RO system and parameter "creation" at the same time as having these shrimp arrive. Particularly when they are something I haven't kept before. I'm really trying to learn all of this to manage them properly as the RO isn't going to make it or break it for the Bettas. Apparently the Caradina's need KH of 1-2, requiring the addition of a buffering substrate to keep it that low.

I did buy Seachum GHup, so I think I can get the levels low and then use this just to elevate the GH, without affecting the KH. I really don't know what this will do to the TDS until I try it. It would sure be wonderful to have low pH, KH, GH water right out of the tap!

Keeping a journal is a good idea. I'm sure I'll be forgetting things and having to redo, redo, redo! I've started writing parameters on the tanks with a dry erase pen so I can see if they are changing and try to figure out why...

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Old 12-06-2014, 02:57 PM   #13
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It is happening to you! ArrrrrghWOOOoooooooo!

I did the one room thing (4tanks2day link) yes it is much much better than a few areas, once I had tanks in the living room the hallway then another snuck it's way into the bedroom, then, hmm yes, time for the fish room. I had a shelf and little corners I used, that worked well enough for years, when this one "had to be built" this time I thought, 6ft worktop, sink, water, Nice. Iron out the kinks.
Now I'm thinking cut a few feet from the worktop and stick 2 tanks in the hole on the end! The only thing I never allowed for was the climate of the room, that was an afterthought, blindly thought the water volume would stabilise the room temp, maybe in a house, didn't work outside!
Sooooo Lucky me, from a certain angle yes. If you like fish this is a little slice of heaven.
The room (technically it's a DIY shed) is the next step up from what you have and really it's better, I'd recommend a nearby sink to anybody. Being two steps away for all tanks is a god send! The reservoir is by far the best new addition though, do your time with those containers first otherwise you won't feel the benefit

Yes the unit probably will help. I got mine to help with water for the L030 plec, that's how it happened, that fish really wasn't happy in my tap water. The unit fixed it and it allowed me access to other fish, well, any fish if I could fit a tank in for it! So I had a load of different fish for a while, I hope that it solves the issue for you. Breeding is very rewarding!

Can't really help you with shrimp, never kept any but tetra prefer the softer acid/neutral side of things normally, Kh 2 is markedly better/more stable and just as good as one. They'll be fine in 3-4 Kh I would think. My tetras have been in 3-6 on both GH/Kh for ever. (Not cardinals though) Unless you have some ultra special fish (I can think of true soft plecs, the blue phantom L128, that thing liked next to pure water real soft/ultra low) but I'm not that educated on many other real softs. I like sucker mouths. Any change of GH/Kh will see the TDS rise and fall as appropriate.

Good water to start with would be good! Where's the fun in that though? I still don't think that water is good for marines so it still isn't a perfect start, I may be wrong on that but it wouldn't be as pure. I guess if you don't want salt it doesn't really matter!
From here you can go anywhere, no worries. I knew I'd get salt one day so wasn't too fussed with the plec needing it, still no salt! I'm sure mine has worked wonders, I mean you can see the difference if your water is really poor. An actually clear glass of water! In use you'll see a difference too! Almost instantly with some fish, they colour up nice.

I had a diary on my first tank, then I went without for a year or so, then I made a mess of things so I got a diary again, I think I have almost all of my diaries, I did have loads of paperwork on fish, not quite a cabinet but not far from it. One tank is not so bad if you have decent memory, multi tanks is where I got caught out. Once I started logging my efforts I could see exactly why things went wrong. Adjusted for it. Sorted.

Really for the initial experiments a diary of some sort is a must have, it's a tool.
If anything happens log it, then decide what info you deem necessary to keep. I wrote down everything first of all. I've relaxed a bit now but all tank data is logged, every action. Filter records and water changes that type of thing. Dates for food purchase(logged my bulk buys to tune order, that took about3 years to get right @1 order per year), RO data etc. I started with a notebook and I ended up using an annual diary. Now I get a diary at christmas like regular folks get socks!

FW-750L DIY, 120L, 2x110L(not my)DIY. BW-60L DIY. Sw (nearly!)(http://www.aquariumadvice.com/forums...se-284360.html)
^almost a DIY Fish House^ https://m.youtube.com/user/4tanks2day (L=litre)
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question, questions

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