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  1. CatmanDru
    I floated a ramshorn snail in a baggie in the betta's tank for three days. I figured after 3 days the betta would have been bored by the snail and also understood it wasn't a threat. I thought maybe I could do an acclimation by prolonged boredom and apathy of the betta towards the snail: basically bore the betta into not caring about the snail's presence. But the betta still tried to nip the ramshorn snail through the plastic bag.

    Then I dramatically rearanged my male betta's 10 Gal tank by removing the huge rock ornament and all the plants, in order to decrease the betta's teritorialness. I figured the rearanged tank would also be the best time to introduce the two Mystery Snails too, so I put them in also.

    However, all my efforts failed when the betta nipped and ate a tentacle on all three snails: first a tentacle on the ramshorn, then possibly a Mystery's tentacle, and when the betta nipped and ate a tentacle while I watched on the second Mystery, I removed all the snails.
  2. CatmanDru
    After a couple of weeks, I figured it would be safe to put a Nerite snail in the betta's tank because Nerites don't really have any fleshy part very exposed to fish bites, they stay close under their shell and only expose their small, thin tentacles only a little bit. The Nerites been in there about a day and still has both his tentacles. The betta flares at him and nips at the shell but it doesn't seem to bother the snail even enough to stop eating on the glass. So that's good and the Nerite can help remove a lot of the diatoms/spot algea and make it clean and pretty for my girlfriend.
  3. CatmanDru
    Well, I put the ramshorn snail and 2 Mystery snails in the 10 g Betta tank, and within 30 minutes the betta nipped and ate antenas on the ramshorn and a Mystery and probably the other Mystery snail also. And the poor ramshorn was hidding behind the filter. So I removed the snails
  4. CatmanDru
    I also have 2 empty 10 gallon tanks and an empty used, 20 which I will probably use to make a lightly stocked Natural Planted Tank (NPT)/Walsted/El Natural low tech, low maintenance tank.
  5. CatmanDru
    I also have various snails in several vases and containers for quarantine and observation. Black ramshorn (plant hitchhiker) raised in isolation waiting to get full size before adding to betta tank to see if the betta nips and harrasses, or accepts the snail. 2 Golden (male?) Mystery Snails Pomacea Difusa/Bridgesii in quarantine. Nerite snail in quarantine. Baby "peach-apricot"/red ramshorn snails growing in vase. Common brown hitchhiker baby ramshorns in vase with Elodia plants. Pond snails in solitary confinement in vase and mason jar.

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  • About CatmanDru
    Oregon state, Pacific Northwest, USA
    I'm interested in the NPT approach.
    My Tanks
    Girlfriend's 10 gallon Marineland Half Moon (half-circle), setup since 5/11 with 1 male Betta (since 1/11) and a tracked Nerite snail. HUGE coral rock decoration/hiding spot. 3 plastic plants. Elodia live plants. LED lights. Tetra 1-3 gal filter. Tetra Whisper 10 air pump. Aquaeon 50W heater. 80 F water.
    I want a very peaceful aquarium with minimal fighting, chasing, and eating of tankmates. But of course I have the Betta, so we'll see if that actually happens.

    I also have a Nerite snail, various Pond, Ramshorn, and Mystery Snails in several vases and containers for quarantine and observation.


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