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    just a quicky on plecs i ended up taking mine back to my aquatics as were getting very big like you say loads od waste too.if you wanted 1 you could get a golden nuggett pleco like mine only grow to 5 inch max and are very slow growers lovely fish too or you can get a blue phantom which stay samll too. i have since added another big tank with 5 zebra plecos inside lovely fish can be very dear to buy got a deal on mine very happy with them only grow to about 4-5 inch
  2. SnailySophi
    Yay! Yeah that sounds a lot better than getting nasty water all over your carpet. That's why I dread changing water. But it has to be done, so I do it. Actually, Over the week end, it's fine for me to stick my arm in the aquarium over and over again for 2 days because no one's judging! haha.
    I am very surprised that all of them made it. Especially the last one. I thought he was dead for sure I guess not, though!
  3. Fastfossil
    happy to hear they all made it and with such a heart wrenching story
    The water change was okay I see one or two places I can upgrade things to make it much easier. Like I have a 300gph pump to pump the water out into the bathroom using a hose and the siphon. I then fill the 40lt bucket and treat the water and make sure it has the right temp then use the same pump to pump it back into the tank. No carry and no mess.
  4. SnailySophi
    FIRST HALF *READ FIRST* (I had to cut the story into 2 parts because it was too long)
    I managed to save all of them! After the heat pack was on for a while, a few snails started moving (maybe eight). So I took the container over to the jar and put them in one by one. Then I shook the heat pack for a while and put it under the container, again, for a longer time and saw a few more move so I left them and waited for more to move before putting them in the jar (I wanted the water heat to get a little higher before separating the heat and water.). There were only about five left. These were the ones that I think were either actually dead, or really really close to being. I put the cover on the lid and let the water heat for a while then looked inside. All were moving except one.I put the others in the jar and put the heat back on the container for 5 minutes. I was about to give up and throw him away. I put him on my finger to examine him, close up to my lamp light.
  5. SnailySophi
    I saw his body through the thin shell. He moved! I was excited but couldn't move as not to scare him. wow. He came out. I have saved all 20 snails plus an extra 4 from the guy for any DOAs. The snails had a crazy ride! 3 days of being shipped and thrown, scanned and poked at! Not to mention being out side in a blizzard in the mail man's bag!(And yes, I hope they did feel happy to see me.)
    How did the 50 lt water change go? I'm glad that I don't have to change that much water!
  6. Fastfossil
    Nice one I would have been upset as well and am glad to hear it worked. So how many did you save in the end. They must have been happy to see you. Sorry I am only replying now but I just did a 50lt water change . It takes a while to do that hey.
  7. SnailySophi
    Okay, so, sorry to keep bothering you, but I feel really good right now. You might think I'm a creep for liking that my snails are dead, but NO! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe hehehehehehehehehehehehe!
    I was so mad that I just sat there for 5 minutes just staring at them really angrily, then sent the guy who I bought it from an email, then, ran upstairs, ran to the bathroom to get a heat pack, THEN shook it for at least 3 minutes, stuck it under the container and stuck it under the container. I waited and told you they were dead and then just sat there. FINALLY, I looked at the snails (BTW, they were hanging out of they're shells when I got them.) one moved it's eye stalk. Then another. Then I look into the container and most of them are moving!!!! I saved them!!!
  8. SnailySophi
    They're.... dead.
  9. SnailySophi
    Yes!!! I finally got the package! I will tell you how they are after i open it!
  10. SnailySophi
    Hey, sorry not to tell you sooner;
    The snails are supposed to come today. Last night we had a HUGE snaow storm and the traffic is all backed up. The mail usually comes at a little after 11:00. I thought 'Hey, just give a little time,' so I waited till 12:30. THEN, the mail man never cam, and i figured that it was from the traffic jam. So now, it's 1:12 and I am still waiting for them, 2 hours late.


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