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cobb12 08-02-2008 08:38 PM

Converting to a saltie!
1. I have a 10gl fw aquarium but am wanting to get a sw aquarium. I want corals and live rock but also fish and possibly inverts. I have had my eye on a 28 gallon bowfront at petsmart for awhile. I think it might be better to start out with a nano though like smaller than 20 gallons. Any suggestions.

2.How much would it probably cost to set up the 28gl?

3.How much for the nano?

4.For the 28gl do i need a sump.

cobb12 08-03-2008 03:20 PM

The biocube i found is a 29 oceanic biocube. Does anyone have experience with this one. Should i just buy everything seperatly?

neilanh 08-03-2008 03:28 PM

I've heard good and bad things about the biocubes. If you're serious about a reef tank, I think you'll be happier (i.e. less limited) buying seperately and customizing to your needs. This would allow you much better flexibility to start, as well as to upgrade as you move forward.

As I'm sure you've read, bigger is better - larger water volume allows for more room for error, which is more critical in SW than in FW while you "get your feet wet".

cobb12 08-03-2008 03:34 PM

well i have around 600 dollars to spend will this be enough to buy seperatly

and the biocube is a 29 gallon while the tank i was looking at was only a 28 gallon bow front.

ryshark 08-03-2008 03:53 PM

It seems like a lot of people have the mentality of starting with a nano to see if they can hack saltwater. But in reality, as neilanh mentioned, with saltwater, bigger is easier. So I would suggest to buy the biggest tank you can fit and afford.

cobb12 08-03-2008 07:39 PM

Because with a bigger tank I will have to buy more sand, coral, live rock, bigger lights, bigger filiters and I cant go over my bugget because that is all i have to spend. So i figgured the only thing i could buy was a nano. But if you think i can get a bigger tank please correct me with what size would probably work well inside my bugget, becuase i really have no idea how much this will probably cost.

cobb12 08-03-2008 09:19 PM

Ya i just added up most of the stuff i think i will need and 29 gl biocube costs to much so im going to have to start out with the 14 gl.

SpeedEuphoria 08-03-2008 09:22 PM

look on craigslist for something like a 55 gallon tank, you may be able to get one for close to free.

robertselbe 08-03-2008 09:28 PM

I have been reading this site for 2 days now. I have learned alot. I wish I found this site before I started. Bigger is better from what I have read and also researched. Yes, everything is costly, I am on a budget also, this is why the word "patience" is very wise here. I want to go and buy everything at once also, but I can't. So I am buying a little at a time and in the long run you will have the tank you want. OK, the truth I will want a bigger tank in about a year.

cobb12 08-03-2008 11:17 PM

Ya I decided to wait and buy things piece by piece. I don't know if i can get anything like a 55 gallon cause i dont have anywhere to put it.

I was thinking about buying the 29 gallon with the 20 pounds of live sand and 20 pounds of live rock. Im not sure where to buy it though any suggestions. I am also gonna buy salt mix if anyone has suggestions on which type of salt mix to get. And after buying all of that it comes out to about $600. Will those things be enough to cycle the tank with.

Also when cycling the tank do i have to use saltwater. thanks!

Oh and thanks Speed for the info on craiglist i had never known about it before. There is some great looking things.

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