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marchmaxima 08-20-2008 10:40 PM

It just shouldn't be true!
Several times now, I have heard of, or witness things that other fish-keepers do that should (by all accounts) spell disaster yet don't. Often these situations come from fish-keepers who have no clue why they do things a particular way, or the potential ramifications, but what they do appears to work for them against everything you know to be true.

I thought I'd start a thread so we can share these unbelievable situations that make you go "Hmmmmm, if I did that, it's be an unmitigated disaster!"

I'll start.

At my Mum & Dad's there is a super-large aquarium with 4 goldies in it on the veranda. It's a little under 10 foot long and 3 foot wide (I think). the last time Mum did a water change was 1980. She just grabs the hose and "fills er up". Dad puts in Melafix on an irregular regular basis cos "it said on the label it was good for them". Once the rocks get covered in Algae, Mum will take them out, and put them in the garden "where the sun bleaches them". She'll then take the rocks that were swapped out last time from their spot in the garden and puts them straight into the tank. The substrate never gets vaccumed. PWCs are not existent. All this, and the fish don't show signs of any stress are thrive :shocked!: Most are close to 10 years old now.

Mum has also kept fish in the past. One of my first memories are of Angels in that same tank when the tank was in the hallway of the house. I have questioned Mum on her knowledge of fish-keeping. She has no knowledge on cycling, no knowledge on water params and the only testing kit she has ever used is a PH test kit + PH up and down added as required. Yet she claims she's never ever had problems and her fish always seemed very happy and lived for years. She has never had a problem, so she thinks that what she is doing obviously is okay. She appears to be right.

There is a woman at work here in her 60s who keeps 5 goldfish in a 10g tank at home. They've been there for 3 years. She's never tested the tank and feeds them every few days. She's also never touched the filter which from what she says is one of those corner jobbies with carbon and floss with an air tube. "I dont know about any of that" she says when I enquired whether she had heard about potential issues re keeping that many golds in her tank and the importance of water testing. By all accounts these fish should be dead!

Anyone else have any sort of similar story?

Peyton 08-21-2008 07:06 AM

My first tank was a ten gallon that housed about 20 comet goldfish. They lived for several months I think, been about 25 years ago though.

My neighbor had a 55g community that he only did once a year water changes on. The fish looked great IIRC.

GlenC here on this forum grows beautiful plants in liquid rock water!

Travis Simonson also here on this site keeps african cichlids in a planted tank!

marchmaxima 08-21-2008 07:18 AM


Originally Posted by Peyton (Post 893066)
GlenC here on this forum grows beautiful plants in liquid rock water! Travis Simonson also here on this site keeps African Cichlids in a planted tank!

Given that they know almost everthing that there is to know about this hobby between them, GlenC and Travis Simonson could get away with things like that.

Peyton 08-22-2008 06:10 AM

Very true.

TigerKate 08-22-2008 06:37 AM

My mum used to have a big circular pond in the middle of her backyard, when we first moved into that house I was about 16, we bought some goldfish and chucked them in there and as we grew up we forgot about them, we never saw them due to the amount of pond weed and plant growth, we filled it up with water from the hose every few months and never really thought about it.
Last year....2007, mum and dad decided they wanted to move the pond out of the centre of the garden over to a corner where it didn't take up as much space. This consisted of pulling the plants out, saving the frogs and tadpoles and getting the water out so we could fill it in. It wasn't until we had emptied everything about 15cm (depth) of water, that we saw a massive goldfish swimming around in the gunk! The thing would have been about 20-25cms long, we could not believe it! After almost 9 years this fish was still alive, fat as anything and massive!!! To my knowledge the fish is now still living happily in the new pond, it just goes to show how the ecological system in backyard ponds look after themselves and regenerate!

Fishyfanatic 08-22-2008 09:01 AM

My 55 gal used to be planted and the plants were thriving in liquid rock. I didn't know that was such a rarity.

One of my friends has a 10 gal tank at work. They house roughly 30 swordtails in this tank. SHe tops off the tank weekly and does a water change about once every 6 months.

My moms friend has a 55 gal tank at her work and they did water changes about once every 4 or 5 months. They waited till the white rock substrate turned an icky brown. They only had an under gravel filter (which was never maintained). They asked my husband to do tank maintenance on it. He started doing weekly water changes and they thought he was wasting his time. They also only fed once a week.

My brother kept neon tetras with Mbuna. Yeah. I don't know how they survived.

marchmaxima 08-22-2008 09:14 AM

I keep hearing about this liquid rock.. What is it? I have visions of tanks with molten lava in it :)

JesseL 08-23-2008 12:20 PM

I'm curious about this liquid rock too. My 75 gal. is planted.

happygirl65 08-23-2008 12:38 PM

Very very hard water. :) Mineral content very rock. :)

happygirl65 08-23-2008 12:47 PM

Right after I found AA anf learned about the cycle (and my little lightbulb came on that had explained years of prior fishkeeping)
I was excited and was sharing with my MIL about everything....she said she had never heard of that and swore up and down that her tanks didn't go through a cycle. We went round and round in circles where she just claimed that her water was just so perfect that it didn't need to go though any of that.
She keeps goldfish in a pond in the summer and brings them into a 20 gal tank in the greenhouse in the winter and rarely has any losses. Each time I know the tank is cycling with those fish in it and each time she swears they are just fine. I have to shake my head....

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