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mbjrc 02-01-2009 04:15 PM

Red Cherry Shrimp Eggs

I have a 10 gallon planted tank that I have Red Cherry Shrimp in. When I first got the shrimp, they were breeding. Now i do see females with eggs, but never any babies. The eggs are a greenish or off white color and are not translucent. the water temperature is around 76 F. The water parameters
ph 7.6, nitrate 0, nitrite 0, ammonia 0-.25. What could the problem be?


Dano01 02-01-2009 04:23 PM

This is from an article on the Internet....It may help you.
If water temperature is warm enough and there is enough food, they will simply breed. Female shrimp should get greenish or yellowish eggs under their tail within 30 days of you receiving them, if they don't already have eggs. Female shrimp get a yellowish "saddle-shaped" patch behind their head. These are eggs in their ovaries. The eggs should move to their tails in 7-10 days. Once the eggs are under their tails, the eggs will hatch in 3-4 weeks. You will notice how the mom fans the eggs occasionally to prevent fungus from growing on them. The eggs will hatch faster if the water is warmer. You may wake up one day to find tiny clear shrimp on the plants, or on the bottom. Baby RCS look just like the adults, but they are very small, about 2mm long, and clear. But their shape is the same as an adult RCS. Shrimp will not eat their babies unless they are starving. Besides, the babies are quick to get away.

mbjrc 02-02-2009 03:34 PM

The problem that is that I have seen these shrimp for that past 3-4 months with eggs, but never babies. The only time I have seen babies is the first 2 months when I got them. I don't know if its the same shrimp with eggs, or different shrimp. For the last 3-4 months there are always multiple shrimp with eggs, just they never seem to hatch...

bs6749 02-02-2009 03:45 PM

Do you have fish in the tank with them or any larger shrimp? My guess is that they are being eaten. There are constantly babies in my RCS tank.

mbjrc 02-02-2009 05:56 PM

The only thing in the tank are the RCS and some snails that hitchhiked on the plants.

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