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natnjoe 04-18-2009 06:06 PM

I do not want to be a murderer....anemone dying
Hi all!

Im new to this site and am hoping to get help with my current problem. My boyfriend purchased a carpet anemone for our tank raised maroone clown ih hopes that he'd make it his home. However I think I killed it. The anemone that is. I thought the light was on a timer and it's actually been off all week since we bought it last Sunday.

Tank specs
55 gallon
Set up Sept. 2009
canister filtration system
10,000 Kw daylight bulb it looks like a double tube...and another bulb like it but its a blueish light---sorry not technical...he runs this tank and has been gone so i am trying to keep it alive....
have no idea the temp because we dont have a thermometer.
no idea the rest of the stuff either...salinity, nitrite...etc

Im clueless but want this carpet anemone to survive my ignorance...please help.:confused:

I turned on the light when I came home and saw it all limp and it kinda came back but how when I turn it off it just goes limp again...:(
I moved him up closer to the light but don't know if that helps or will make it worse. I'm worried that if I leave the light on I will create and algae problem and that if the anemone does die it will cause bad side effects...

Sadielynn 04-18-2009 06:42 PM

Going limp is normal , and the lights out for a week is not soo worriesom just yet :D .Your tank is mid matured but it should have been closer to the 1 year mark for that addtion .. I am not sure of the lighting you have it does not sound like it is nearly enough .. It is a power compact light from your discription .. either T5 or MH or T5 /MH combo is recomended . You can try to feed it every other day with bits of clam , oyster or silver slides just a bit at a time tho so you dont foul your tank up .. and also so as to not stress him more than he is ... The lack of lighting will do more harm than the week with out lights ... Feeding likely will help.
What color is he and has that changed from your purchace time . How long have you had him ?
Please learn to do testing and perameters as I am going to ask for those :D
What I am requesting are basics .
NitrItes ,
PH .
SPG ..
What are the other specs flow , filtration and other inhabitants ..
IF it dies it can and likely will nuke the tank .. How big is he ?
Moving him will be futile as they have a foot and can move on their on accord .. Just return to your regular lighting or take it to 1/2 what you have it at and add a bit every few days IE if you run your lights 12 hours cut them to 6 every 3 or so days add an hour to make it 7 till you are back to your 12 ... DEEP breath in you can do this ..

melosu58 04-19-2009 09:19 PM

I`m also wondering about the lighting. It does not sound like enough. It should survive the week blackout. Tell us in more detail what kind of lighting.

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