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ScottS 11-22-2003 02:07 PM

"GloFish" the new Zebra Danio

Allivymar 11-22-2003 02:16 PM


Seven 11-22-2003 02:39 PM


If I may ask Allivymar, why are you sighing?

Tigerlily 11-22-2003 02:44 PM

I don't want to speak for Allivymar, but I feel like sighing too. If she has the same reservations that I do, she is sighing because this is a genetically modified fish. Selective breeding is one thing, but genetic engineering has some scary possibilities.

I think these fish were originally bred for experimental purposes - but what if the pet industry starts messing with mother nature - just for commercial gain? Seems like a slippery slope to me.

At least the website is giving some responsible fish-keeping instructions: compatible tankmates, water changes etc...

e-cat 11-22-2003 02:53 PM

whats realy pathedic is that the fish is trademarked, which means its not wild caught, and there injected with a flourecence gene, there a science freak IMO. :x

e-cat 11-22-2003 02:57 PM

its just a company looking for money.
thre is no reason too buy a fish like that, there are more then enuff good looking fish that are made colorfull by mother nature not some guy in a white lab coat.

Capt.Gorilla 11-22-2003 03:02 PM

I don't agree with it at all.
There is huge public out cry over using genetics and gene therapy to culture organs and tissues but virtually none over garbage like this.

Exploiting naturally occuring things is one thing (ie; stem cells) but creating a entirely un-natural subspecies of something even as harmless as decorative fish is a recipe for disaster.

William 11-22-2003 03:41 PM

Anyone else have that song" Highway to Hell " playing in the back of their mind right now? :evil:

ScottS 11-22-2003 03:43 PM

I figured this would trigger some debate. With the prevalence of the parrotfish hybrid, and the "painted fish," it doesn't look like this will go away. The industry has just eveolved from injections to genetics. While incredible, there is a disturbing feel to it all. Tampering with mother nature always gives me the willies.

William 11-22-2003 03:46 PM

There is a big difference, as was said previously, between selective/crossbreeding and injecting new genes into a species that it just should not have, no matter how harmless the effect is.

Man. Should. Not. Play. God.

Atleast in that sense... [ Since we do play god by simply keeping our little fish friends in their enclosed worlds ^_^; ]

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