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loganj 12-21-2002 10:54 PM

My old 55FW
Here are a few pics of my old 55 FW tank. It has not had the best care lately I'm afraid...just what was needed for the health of the few fish that are in there. This tank started out as a grow out tank for corys when I used to breed them. Now it's pretty much an orphanage for sick/unwanted fish. There are 4 Corys, 1 Peckoltia, and one Barb. The barb came home a few weeks ago and I expected to find him dead each morning. He seems to have gained a full recovery from a bad case of fin rot and who knows what else. Guess I'll keep him...kinda got attached to the little devil.
1/2 sand (for corys) and 1/2 gravel substrate
Plastic (cringe) plants
HOT magnum
Pro 30 biowheel
Logan J

reefrunner69 12-22-2002 06:50 PM

:thumb::lol: For not having had the best of care, it still looks pretty nice. I love the corys, I find it ironic that they are a bottom swimming fish and also a labrynth fish, go to the bottom to eat and then back to the top to breathe, must be exhausting....

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