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FishFreak1961 09-18-2010 02:53 PM

Leather Toadstool Coral dry appearance
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. Type & how long you have had it: over a week now
2. Current lighting & Bulb Age: T5HO/blue lite, white lite 2 lamp deal - 6 mos old
3. Nitrate: .5 max
4. Calcium: 340
5. Phosphate: .25 at most
6. Alkalinity: used 17 drops, too high, old API test kit???
7. pH: 8.45
8. Salinity:1.024
9. Temperature:79
10. Liquid or strip test kits: liquid, salifert nitrate powder test
11. Location in tank: under skimmer med height
12. Current amount of flow: 36 gal. #1 powerhead, med flow??
13. Current tank dosing regimen: calcium, nitrate remover AzN03, reef trace
14. Nearby coral: ricordea is closest, seem happy.
15. Explanation of problem: Looks like dry skin, he molted or whatever, now he looks dry, got him via fedex last Friday, also Chili coral shrinks in daytime,stretches out at night, angel did bother him, but has tired of it,
Colt coral looks limp, but when light comes on he wakes up a little. Maybe
they are just acclimating slowly?? Turbo snails always on him and my algae blenny perches up there some....See pic, thanks!!

melosu58 09-18-2010 03:49 PM

Your toadstool is doing what we call sloughing. All leathers do it every few weeks but usually for only a day or two. When was the last PWC done and how often do you do them?

FishFreak1961 09-18-2010 03:58 PM

Leather Toad
I just did pwc 15% - He has only partially shown off in the week that I have had him, extended maybe 1/4" for about a day. Snail sitting up there now :( He is attached firmly to the rock, has never offered to let go. Should I move him
up toward light more or move powerhead, it is blocked by a rock I think.
The ricordea seem to be fine that I got at the same time.

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