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davidmaguirre 03-04-2011 01:42 AM

how to grow coraline?
Hello I have about 100+ lbs of liverock and I introduced purple coraline about two years ago and I have 96x4 florescents that I have jst changed the bulbs and all I seem to be growing is brown algae I use ro water and changed to red sea pro salt mix I add purple up and liquid calcium still no growth? How can I speed up the process? And y isn't any nice purple coraline growing?

Badfishofbabylon 03-04-2011 09:54 AM

What is your lighting specs?

davidmaguirre 03-04-2011 12:32 PM

It is a coralife 96x4 compact fluorescents 2 10000k and 2 actinics

Mr. Quint 03-04-2011 12:48 PM

This is a stupid thing to ask, maybe, but how is your water testing?

I have just recently completed about a 50% water change, over the course of a week or so, because I wanted to start adding some coral to my FOWLR (my water quality was not always the best, and I kenw that I would need to make it better, for the coral to survive).

Now, the water tests great, and the first thing that I have noticed is that my coralline algae (white and purple) is growing like crazy. Seriously, in a week or so, it has spread from 2 pieces of live rock to all of the live rock, more-or-less equally distributed around the tank.

Again, I recognize that this is probably stupid. But it's a recent triumph for me, so I figured I'd mention it. Maybe try a substantial, but gradual, water change, and see if it improves the water quality any. Might help...

davidmaguirre 03-04-2011 01:39 PM

Lol dats not stupid I'm totally open for ideas(: il try that out its just I have a 125 gallon and about 11 fish so I don't want to stress them out to much but do u use ro water and what kind of salt mix do u use?

Badfishofbabylon 03-04-2011 01:47 PM

I'm not too sure about this but I think CF lights have a hard time growing coraline. You may want to look in to your lighting

Mr. Quint 03-04-2011 01:48 PM

Yeah. I was worried about stressing the fish, too. They seem to have tolerated it ok, but I have no idea if it would be different in a tank the size of yours.

I use RO from the grocery store -- store brand. I don't recall what brand the salt mix is. I think I bought it at PetSmart. It comes in a bag, and it has a picture of a Yellow Tang on it. Not helpful, probably.

On the water change: I put the new water in gallon-sized ziplock bags, which I floated in the tank for 20 minutes or so, before opening them. I opened them 1 at a time, partially unzipped, tipped over and floating in the tank, while the water sort of oozed in. It's slow, but I wanted to be careful, and I didn't know what they could take.

Flake 03-04-2011 01:51 PM

My CFs neverhad a problem with coralline. Then again, I constantly check calcium levels in my tank.

Emelinda76 03-04-2011 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by Flake
My CFs neverhad a problem with coralline. Then again, I constantly check calcium levels in my tank.

I want to grow Coraline Algie but it hasn't ;(. The levels are all good.. Can I buy some?


davidmaguirre 03-05-2011 02:38 AM

Hmmmmm I've never really heard of anyone having problems growing coraline with compacts but who knows lol the salt mix you use is instant ocean lol I was using that mix but found out it had some phosfates so I switched to red sea pro mix.. you can buy coraline covered live rock but they charge alot... I'm still puzled on why my coraline algae isn't growing/:

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