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Penfold77 03-08-2011 01:26 PM

Tang set up - what to stock??
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Hi, I am setting up a tanganyikan tank. I have a UK 35g, 3' x 18" x 15". I am in the process of making my own 3d background. I am wanting to keep the tank environment as natural as possible as in the wild. I have looked in to the various variety of fish from Lake Tanganyika but I am still unsure as to what to put with what or I am now wondering whether a species tank would be possible? I would like anyone with experience of keeping tangs to point me in the right direction? If I could do a species tank what numbers could I keep??

I have attached a pic of my background so far, it is led down. It will be siliconed to the back of the tank.

What species of fish would benefit most out of a rocky environment. A few species I do like are :

Neolamprologus Meltisfasciatus
Cypridchromis Leptosoma
Alto Compressiceps

however, I am aware that its not advisable to keep all of these together.

Attiland 04-27-2011 09:28 PM

I would go for some Cyprichromis leptosoma to the top area some shell breader for the bottpm and if you have enough rocks you can a few Julidochromis / Neolamprologus, but as your tank is not too big you can’t have the big plant eaters or preditors.

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