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stonewall2185 04-20-2011 09:57 AM

how much circulation is to much??
Hello I have a question about how much circulation is to much.

I have a 55 gallon tank. i have a Cascade 1000 Canister Filter which pumps up to 100 gallons. I also have Penguin 350 Bio-Wheel Power Filter which pumps up to 75 gallons.

I just bought a SunSun 3200GPH WAVE MAKER FISH PUMP AQUARIUM TANK POWERHEAD the max output is 360 Gallons.

My question is that powerhead wave maker too powerful for my tank? my anemones like seem to like it but my Giant Cup Mushroom Corals. Aren't as big as they were. This also could be just because I just switched tanks.

Any Advice??

David S 04-20-2011 02:45 PM

should be ok

uscamaro 04-21-2011 04:30 AM

I read that it's rated for 120+ gallon tank. Do you have fish? If your fish aren't pressed against the glass/acrylic then don't worry about it. I know reefs need good water flow but if you're not getting a sand storm, and your other animals aren't bending over from the current then it's fine. 3200gph from 1 (sorta 2) PH in one direction seems like overkill for a 55g.

bavass 04-21-2011 09:01 AM

I have a 55g reef tank with a Mag Drive 3 as a return, 3 Hydor Korila's 650pph or 700gph each I can't remember. Two of them are on a Hydor Wavemaker and my corals and fish love it. The third is along the back top of the water and cuts off at night when the lights go out.

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