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cawolter 05-23-2011 03:42 PM

hello fishkeeping friends!
hi everyone, i am ceriann and i joined this site last week, to meet others who have the same interest and passion as i have for fish keeping. My red belly piranha setup ( 70 gal ) is relatively new, 2 months, and is an ongoing project to perfect the tank and simulate as close as possible, the piranhas natural living conditions. and to date, i have not encountered a single problem with disease, water quality etc. I also have a 20 gal aquarium, that has a community of tropical freshwater fish, this tank, however, had proven a little more difficult. the store that i purchased all my fish from is local, but every fish i have purchased from there has had either ICH, WHITE SPOT, or developed ULCERS. the ulceration i managed to control and heal with the aid of a quarantine/hospital tank, but the ICH isnt going away so easily.:( ongoing treatments failed so i was left with only one option. i removed all the fish, quarantined them, and dosed them with the medication. i removed all the rocks, plants, and substrate, and practically boiled them to kill any remaining parasites or infection. i set the tank up again, new filtration system too, then after b3 days of running, i re-introduced the fish, and i am pleased to report, that the iICH has completely cleared up, and i once again have a healthy community aquarium. i have also taken the step of finding another supplier of fish to try to ensure this level of infection is avoided. i was always so cautious and observant when choosing and purchasing fish, but it proves that some things just cant be spotted so easily. :banghead:

alLexX 05-23-2011 04:02 PM

welcome to AA.were glad to have you.

cawolter 05-23-2011 05:15 PM

thanks Alex, im happy to be a part of AA.

cawolter 05-28-2011 03:57 PM

spoke too soon
Well, the ICH problem i had in my community tank almost wiped all my fish out! i lost ALL my fish apart from my Convict Cichlids, they appear completely healthy and disease free, but as a precaution, im treating them anyway. After a complete aquarium clean out, all the fish appeared to be responding well to treatment, but i lost ALL except the convicts, and i lost them literally overnight, soooo frustrating!:banghead:

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