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jnsanders1983 06-03-2011 11:46 PM

Orange Ocellaris chasing Black Ocellaris
I have 2 Orange OCC clowns and 2 Black OCC clowns. Black have paired with each other. And Orange have paired with each other. One anemone, but only one black actually shows interest. No fighting over the anemone. Largest Orange chases both Black. It's not continuously to the point that the black ones are stressing. But it has been about a week and it is still going on. Seems like disturbing the orange clown with the net. Even the net floating seems to be a deterrent. But still no a good solution. I use the net to calm things down so the black ones can eat. Orange are aggressive enough feeding is no issue. Any ideas how to calm things down?

Strawman 06-04-2011 12:53 AM

What size tank?

J670 06-04-2011 12:56 AM

How big is ur tank? U really shouldn't put two pairs together in the same tank. Someone is always going to be more aggressive.

melosu58 06-04-2011 03:50 AM

Both same threads merged together.

carey 06-04-2011 07:41 AM

Hi welcome to the forum!

I had all four of my clowns, 2 b&w's and 2 oscellaris in my 55g and it was trouble. The female orange one kept attacking the black ones which I think are wimpy cause they are tank bred clowns. LOL

I had to move out the orange fish to my 29g biocube.

I would recommend a move to another tank if available or maybe returning the orange ones. I think the infighting will just get worse. In my situation the orange one had my black ones hiding on the surface near my mag float, looking like they were gonna die.

Good luck!

jnsanders1983 06-04-2011 10:53 AM

It's a 75 gallon. 6 feet wide

jnsanders1983 06-04-2011 10:55 AM

My black are not tank bred. They a era a good size. They are from Australia.

Smitty 06-04-2011 11:00 AM

75 gallon tanks are usually 4 feet wide, unless it is a really skinny tank. IMO 1 pair needs to be taken out. If not, I can see this behavior continuing until one or both of the black clowns die from stress.

jnsanders1983 06-04-2011 11:20 AM

My mistake. It about 49" x 19". But the chasing hasn't been relentless. It occasional maybe for a duration of a min. And everyone gets to eat. They have their own place to sleep. No signs of stress like heavy breathing, swimming at the top or bottom, lying down. None of that. I have had them about 2 - 3 weeks.

carey 06-04-2011 11:22 AM

Mine were all fine for about 2 months before it got bad. It all started after they were all hosting an elegance coral that I had. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. But it probably won't get better, just worse. Sorry...

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