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francis 07-23-2011 01:06 PM

LED Spotlight Lamps
I came across these lights from a recommendation from a LFS acquaintance PAR30 LED Reef Lamps by BoostLED

I pretty much decided on these after a long journey of T5's to LED's to these for their price and effectiveness.

I wanted to get about 3 because I believe these spotlights were not designed to cover an entire tank. My tank is 29" x 15" x 15" roughly, but I think these lights are a little expensive considering it is $80 for 1 lightbulb (just the bulb)

Is there a difference in these lightbulbs compared to other LED Lightbulbs? I've seen some go for around $50 but I wanted to know people's opinion.
Or if you have "spotlight" LED's can you make a recommendation?

carey 07-23-2011 01:12 PM

I have 2 PAR38 bulbs that I bought. the hardest thing is to consider how you will hang the bulb, they weigh almost a lb each. :-) I searched high and low for something and lucked out at Target. I use the bulbs on my 4g pico, they emit a lot of light for their size.

I'd still go with T5's on your setup, cheaper and easier in my opinion. The par bulbs do tend to give a spotlight effect as well, I suppose the higher you raise it the more spread you'll get, but something to consider.

francis 07-23-2011 01:33 PM

Carey what about the bulb cost later on? I'm imagining 3 bulbs for about $250 compared to a T5 costing me about $200-250 (not to mention bulb replacement and heat)

whats the difference between par30 and par38? Can you send a link for the one's you bought? :D I am loving the spotlight idea because they are cost effective in the long term and are still LED's while not breaking my wallet like a panel LED would cost.

Will it be enough to grow corals in my 15" deep tank? :3

carey 07-23-2011 02:19 PM

I have one of these

and the other one I have I don't have the link for. :-( It has 12 3w bulbs though and is too much for my 4g. I'm using it on my sump right now so it doesn't go to waste. LOL I went to the store it came from and it was $149!!

I have mine mounted about 6 inches from the rim and it seems like my corals like it, but I'm dealing with a much much smaller tank.

They have panels and strips you can buy as well, a little bit more money but I'd feel they would do the job better than 3 spotlight bulbs. Thats if you must have LED's. :-)

francis 07-23-2011 04:36 PM

LED Aquarium Light; AquaRay AquaBeam, GroBeam Cree XR, XG Emitter; PAR 38 & Rio Mini Sun Lights

opinion on these? Im leaning towards them considering they are saying the BoostLED's I was considering are not up to par.

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