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francis 08-09-2011 03:23 PM

Did I mess up with my lights?
I ordered 2 Ecoxotic panorama pro modules, the 50/50 kind. My reasoning behind this was since my tank was 29 inches long and the modules were both 12" each, I wanted a even lighting across my tank. But now I think I have a problem.

Basically I know how people have their blue lights turn on an hour before and turn off an hour after their whites but what can I do? The 50/50's run on one cord so I can't control the blue's/white's independently. I was thinking of getting one 12k module and 1 blue module but again I wanted the even lighting across my tank. Is there a solution to my situation? Will it be bad for corals if I don't have the warm up period of just blues and then blues + whites during the day?

I was thinking of possibly turning on 1 module initially and the next an hour later :hide:...don't know if that will do any good though. Thanks for the help guys.

slitherbomb 08-09-2011 03:32 PM

Don't they have a controller on the fixture that can turn on the blues and white individually? Always, you could definitely turn on one fixture and then the other, but the light will definitely not be even throughout the tank.

If you still haven't ordered them, I would just go with a t5ho fixture.

francis 08-09-2011 03:45 PM

No I don't believe they let me control them individually. Here they are Panorama Pro LED Module - Panorama Modules - Aquarium LED Lights (and I'm not sure but yeah they are LEDs)

So when acclimating new corals and such its okay to just turn one module on at a time? Because I hear to only use the blue's for the first day or so.

slitherbomb 08-09-2011 03:51 PM

I've never seen that one before. For acclimating coral, you can turn the lights on and off in 4 hour intervals. Honestly, if you have a lot invested in coral or want higher light demanding coral, I would stray away from these particular lights. I would even go with a DIY led lighting that could fit your tank with just one fixture.

francis 08-09-2011 03:55 PM

I already ordered them and should be arriving today. My tank is only about 16 inches deep so I figured I would just place higher light demanding corals higher up. Is there a reason you say to stay away from these LED's?
I was considering T5's but I didn't want to deal with the heat and lightbulb costs in the long run.

slitherbomb 08-09-2011 03:58 PM

Well for me, I am planning on having a bunch of sps coral, and there aren't much success with keeping them very long with LEDs. If you're only planning to keep softies, then any lights will do, even the lights to light up a refugium lol.

francis 08-09-2011 04:03 PM

I am not going for too many sps , probably just 1 that I really like. I don't know though about the much success keeping them long term though, where are you getting this from?

francis 08-09-2011 04:10 PM

Also, the corals I was looking at (general) but of course I would be limited to what my LFS carries

slitherbomb 08-09-2011 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by francis
I am not going for too many sps , probably just 1 that I really like. I don't know though about the much success keeping them long term though, where are you getting this from?

I've heard people say it, including my lfs, read on google and heard on YouTube. Whether it's true or not I'm not sure, but honestly did not want to risk it since I was planning on buying expensive coral.

slitherbomb 08-09-2011 04:16 PM

The corals that you have posted will do just fine under LEDs.

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