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Endless Ocean in My House 02-27-2012 04:49 PM

Horseshoe Crab-Keeping him fed!
I made a post recently about my horseshoe crab-I added him to my 29 gal tank and he's a little guy, about the size of a quarter. My dealer said they were pretty hardy and would eat most anything that drifted to the bottom, and when I did research online I couldn't find much of anything.
Now he's my responsibility and I'm reading that they're picky eaters who usually die of starvation.
I have frozen krill, frozen shrimp, and flake food.
I've read about tucking shrimp/krill directly under their shell-where is his mouth? Where exactly do I tuck it? How will I do this without hurting him?
Any advice on keeping this horseshoe crab alive would be much appreciated!

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