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Acfish 05-09-2012 01:18 AM

Brown saddleback clown fish swiiming strange!
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Idk whats wrong i just bought a pair of brown saddleback clown fish the one just keeps swimming verticle idk whats wrong any ideas anyone!!

Flreefer 05-09-2012 10:42 AM

Don't know too much about sick fish, but it sounds like a swim bladder problem. Try looking this up.

Acfish 05-09-2012 12:36 PM

Yeah i try looking it
Up and something about a infected swim bladder came up but i really didnt pay attn to
It. Because he doesnt seem sick just cant beep a balance everytime
It trys to balance its self it goea back verticle

Flreefer 05-09-2012 01:07 PM

The swim bladder is like a fish's buoyancy compensator. Even though it doesn't look sick, I would bet this is the problem. Something ( possibly infection) is not allowing the fish to adjust its swim bladder. I would do more research on the infected swim bladder. Good luck!

Acfish 05-09-2012 02:17 PM

Thanks for the help

Flreefer 05-09-2012 02:34 PM

No problem, I hope you can figure it out. If you bought the fish locally, maybe see if you can trade him for one that's not " defective".. Lol
I had this happen to me once with a clown, he was fine other than the obvious problem, and seeing that he looked OK still, they let me trade him.
LFS holding tanks are so small usually that picking up on something like this at the store is difficult at best, they always seem up and down at the glass. It's not until you get them in larger tanks, with some horizontal swimming room, that you see they can't really swim horizontally!!
Again, best of luck!

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