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fishfreek 05-22-2002 09:42 AM

Please read before asking for help with an identification
Often a text description is not enough to get an accurate identification of what your seeing in your tank. When posting a request for identification if at all possible please try to include an image with your post. has two methods of including images with your post.

If you have a webhost to already and have the image already on the web.

To include an image that is already on the web just click on the IMG button above and enter the URL/Address to the specific image you wish to include. When the address is entered click on the IMG button again. This will place the image in the body of your message for everyone to see. Please remember to be curtious and to keep the filesizes down for those on slower connections. If you just wish to provide a link but not an acutal photo in the message then use the URL button instead of the IMG button. This will put a clickable link in your post. People who wish to see the photo can then click on the link to be taken to the photo.

If you do not have a webhost or some other place to put your photos.

To include an image in your post even if you do not have a remote host to serve the images up you can use this forum as your host. To do this use the "Add an Attachment" box below. We have restricted uploads to only allow image files. Image files should have a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .jpeg, or any other common image format extension. Please do not try to upload compressed files, programs, or other file formats as the server will NOT accept them.

To add an attachment click on the "Browse..." button and find the image on your computer. Once you find this image click the "OK" button. Then type in a short comment about this image. A comment like "WHAT IS THIS!" is fine. After the comment has been included click on the "Add Attachment" button. If everything is correct you should see a message that says the attachment was succesfully added. Click on the preview button to see what your post will look like.

We have placed a limit of 3 attachments per post and a file size limit of 500Kb per photo. If you wish to attach more images you must reply to your first post and include more images. If your image is larger than 500Kb then you MUST resize it before you can upload it. There is a total attachment limit of 50MB on this server. reserves the right to delete any uploaded files at anytime should we get close to the 50MB upload limit, oldest images will be deleted first if at all possible.

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