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marcos77 05-12-2004 02:07 AM

Please help me decide before I buy water pumps?
Hi, I have a 18 Gallon tank with live rock. I know that I should have at least 180 gallons of flow. How many water pumps should I get and what brand would you recommend. How are Powersweaps? How would I place them in my tank? How would I get good surface agitation?

Thank you

reefrunner69 05-12-2004 05:36 AM

I would recommend maxi jets, for that small a tank, I'd look at 600's and go with the number needed to get you up over 200-300 gph. (I'm a big believer in waterflow) You want the pumps to move alot of water but without directly blowing on the corals, let us know how many you get and we can help with placement, most put them in the back corners pointed at the center front of the tank, so it will bounce of the glass. For good surface agitation, have them blowing across the surface.

Ira 05-12-2004 01:00 PM

minijet 606 - 1 in each corner of tank or just 2 in back corners facing the middle

loganj 05-12-2004 01:39 PM

I second the Maxi Jets. I have found them to be inexpensive and very reliable.

captivereefs 05-12-2004 01:40 PM

Actually two maxi 600's would be plenty. have 2 maxi 600' on a wvemaste pro in my 26 bow front and it is al the curret i woul ever need Te powersweeps usualy fail in 2-3 months.

marcos77 05-12-2004 07:01 PM

I just purhased two of the maxi 600's from my LFS, they advised me that it would be too much flow but I didn't pay any attention. How should I place them, both on the bottom back corners of the tank facing the front? With both facing each other on the bottom how will I get good surface agitation? Would I need a third pump?

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