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johnkristie 05-29-2004 02:43 PM

Blood Shrimp Behavior
I got a blood shrimp about 2 weeks ago along with a cleaner shrimp. The cleaner shrimp has been out, even eating out of my hand :D, but the blood shrimp is always hiding and never comes out of the rocks. Is that normal for that type of shrimp? I fear it's not getting enough to eat. Does it come out at night to forage?

quarryshark 05-29-2004 02:49 PM

Yes its pretty normal. They are not as outgoing as the cleaners. There may be exceptions, but we have 2 that stay in the rock about 90% of the time. They will show their faces and come out a little at feeding time.
Give him time, maybe it will change.
I know what you mean with the cleaners, they clean my arm if I'm working in the tank. :)

jamal-188 05-29-2004 04:40 PM

Fire shrimp are not as social but from what I've heard the more you have the more bold they are and will spend less time hiding.

johnkristie 05-29-2004 05:27 PM

Do you think it is getting enough to eat?

quarryshark 05-29-2004 05:56 PM

They scavenge and should get enough. I target feed mine sinking pellets a couple times a week. They take it with gusto!! :)

seaham358 05-29-2004 08:44 PM

I have 2 in my 125 reef and they used to hide all the time. Now after 6-8 months they come out and dance around ar feeding time. They go crazy for the brine shrimp. When I feed my anemones I take small pieces of shrimp or scalops and feed my cleaners and blood shrimp. I have 5-6 peppermint who I hardly ever see, At night is when they come out

johnkristie 05-30-2004 01:44 AM

I tried feeding the blood shrimp by hand tonight and it took a bit of squid from me! I guess it just takes a little time.

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