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BettaGal 01-10-2013 10:57 PM

Crazy Corys Anonymous
Since it was greatly liked in another thread I posted, I shall start this one. The name was decided by someone that answered me, who thought that a Crazy Corys Anonymous Club was needed. Here we can share all the funny and quirky things our corydora catfish do in our tanks.

I will start with all I got to witness last night.

My three albinos, Dracula, Lestat, and Lurch, decided to form a perfect line and go back and forth at the front of the tank. I'd never seen it before, so asked about it. Well, this went on for hours, and Dracula coming off the "short bus", would frequently get confused at the time to turn around. He would glance at me, like I was supposed to tell him what he was supposed to do now, and then would figure out that he was to follow his brothers and would scurry over to them. I'm sure in corydora, he was calling out, "OMG! Wait for meeeeeeee!"

To make this even funnier, Lestat and Dracula have been inseparable since Lestat was added in. Now that Dracula's "specialness" has become much more apparent, Lestat looks after him constantly. So when Dracula would get confused, Lestat would stop the train and turn as if calling his brother. It appeared they even kissed at one point.

When they finally grew bored of this frolicking, they went back to their habit of endless sifting in the sand, except Dracula, who instead chose to go into the skull cave and turn upside-down to sift the ceiling. As I said, he's special.

So, there is my latest funny corydora story. Welcome, fellow crazy Cory addicts (lol). And enjoy our fun with our friends.

Hholly 01-10-2013 11:01 PM

Aw, that's a cute story! :)

All I know is my cories are little piggies. And they do seem to be talking to each other all the time.

clearancepuppy 01-11-2013 01:35 AM

The giant green cory I have had in the 150 was lying upside down at the bottom and looked dead. After a few oh nos I got the net to get him (maybe her) out. He jumps back to life and the kid states to me that he TOLD me it was "taking a nap" (you know I probably looked horrified when that statement came out).

It acted very odd and did not fight after it was in the net. I put him in the 10 gal betta/baby cory tank, and he:she floated to where the intake of the filter is. I fished him:her out, put it in a bowl with some 150 tank water and I blank you not... it straightened up and seemed normal. I ended up letting it stay there if it would be calmer but fully expected a dead cory next am.


Sitting on bottom of bowl like nothing is wrong the next morning. So I put it back into the 10 because I, quite frankly, would rather, if there is something communicable going on, that it go in there. I have got way too much blood, sweat, and tears in the 150 tank.

Update? Cory is fine.

Everyone in both tanks? Fine.

What do I think it was? The bichir in my avatar has thickened and lengthened plus is getting more predatory every day so I think he was eyeing the cory for dinner, who was stroking out trying to avoid the bichir lying in wait at every turn, blending in with the rocks and sand like a rattlesnake. O_o

BettaGal 01-11-2013 03:48 AM

A cory cat playing opossum? I've never heard of that one. Very clever. That's a smart cory cat. He must be in the gifted classes at Cory Cat High. Lol.

shellyx 01-11-2013 04:52 AM

The only strange thing I,ve seen happen with my cories, is when my betta lays on the sand to get a close look at my girl albinos, my boy always comes over & chases him away! That's one brave Cory lol

emerald76 01-11-2013 07:37 AM

I have a story...

I had some spilled water under the tank so I drained it and as I refilled it after cleaning the water up I was 'missing' a Cory. So I looked around the tank and there my poor Cory was UNDERNEATH my snail. So that Cory is a little on the wacky side of the highway now...

Dallascowboys16 01-11-2013 08:45 AM

Ok so I have this castle in my tank with two guard towers and what looks like a throne every time I turn the lights on there is a panda Cory in each guard tower and one sitting on the thrown! It cracks be up. Thanks for starting this thread! We've needed one for a long time:)

BettaGal 01-11-2013 11:09 AM

Brave Cory cats, wacky Cory cats, and the Knights of the Panda. Gotta love our funny friends.

You guys said it was needed. You are welcome. Now we can enjoy our stories and share them all.

Autumnsky 01-11-2013 12:54 PM

Missing Cory
I shared this on a different thread, sorry if you have to read it twice...

Daughter shut down her Edge tank deciding she didn't want to have fish after all (now my Edge) - don't know why with an entire pet store she picked out a sickly feeder goldfish. She wanted to save it (we have a pond).

We took out the fish and what had been three Cories. (They were only in there temporarily for a month while I was re arranging tanks and occupants, they are hard to catch) There was only one Cory, we stirred and stirred the sand and there was only one. I figured they had died.

Came back later and looked again and didn't find anything. After a few days she unplugged it and it sat in the corner for about 2 1/2-3 weeks, no light no air bubbler/filter, no heater and no food. (It was winter)

I needed extra room as my momma guppy was going to have babies, so I asked her if I could use it until she sold it she said yes since it needed to be cleaned out anyway (LOL). I walked in the room to look at how to move the tank and thought I saw movement!

Scared and mortified, I ended up rescuing a little Cory. There was a zen structure in the tank and best I can tell it hid inside of the piece (even checked the filter). I had lifted the thing up and shook it numerous times though I didn't even know there were holes in it (daughter put it together). OMG it got like 63 degrees or less!!!!!

Poor baby!! She is doing great and nearly doubled in size in the past year! She was reunited with her buddy, a boy (Bronze Cories) and they hang out together all the time. I will be getting a few more after all get settled in from a new tank change.

They have buddies, two Emerald Brochis, they also hang out with.

Lately I have seen them getting frisky (Bronze), though I doubt it would end with actual babies since they'd probably get eaten.

Autumnsky 01-11-2013 12:59 PM

Cories are "Happy" fish. Seeing them scurry around brightens the mood in the tank and makes me smile! :lol:

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