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octanejunkie 07-17-2013 07:12 PM

Automated lighting upgrade sought
Hi all

I have a few posts in other Freshwater forums here on AA but I am interested in upgrading my lighting.

I have an Aquarius AQ360-6g Gloview 6-Gallon (tall/round) Aquarium; it is about 24" tall and has a nice hood. The Glo light that comes with it is not very bright and is a tri-mode pushbutton, not compatible with a timer unless I modify the electronics/switch.

I do currently use an appliance timer to turn it off at night, but I need to turn it on manually in the morning and would like this automated for several reasons (travel most notably).

I was looking ata an upgrade that will fit inside the round domed hood of my tank, any experience with biOrb 12 Volt Intelligent Light?

octanejunkie 07-20-2013 12:53 AM

So never mind... I saw the Bio Intelligent light today and it is too big to fit in our tank's lid (even with modification (read cutting the lid))

I think I will just alter the switch in our current light and use a timer. I'll save my $100 for the next setup :brows:

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