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Alan79 11-30-2013 11:21 AM

40G Tank restore and stand build
I'll start this thread with a confession. For 7-9 years i have been an enthusiastic keeper of Comets, but absolutely clueless about stocking ratios, required tank size and even dietary requirements. I won't talk about my die offs but i've had 2 big ones most likely due to overstocking. Having learned that Comets need 75G each for a healthy life. One very friendly Comet will be my path to redemption. His Name is Brutus and he will eventually have a 75G when i find one that fits my budget. It's going to have to come in stages though :lol:

The first step is to get him into something bigger than the 20G he lives in now. I scoured Gumtree + Ebay for anything i had time to pick up. Last weekend i missed out on a 75G ready to go deal. I felt sad about that until i spotted a listing for a pair of 4 foot tanks with broken panels. I was in time to get one of them (a 40G) and at $30 I'm calling it a bargain. I have a repairer lined up to add a new end panel for $30. I plan to ask how much extra it will cost to reseal the whole tank so i have peace of mind. I'll work out how to post pics tomorrow and add some pics of the tank as it is now. Broken and dirty :cool: I do like projects though and the path to redemption deserves some effort.

I'll be making a DIY stand which is where my main effort comes in. I'll take a trip to Bunnings tomorrow and buy some materials for the stand. I currently have 2 matching 20G tanks and i am toying with the idea of leaving space in the stand to house both of them :brows:

Alternatively i could add a small tank there as a sump for the 40G. And maybe a couple of 5G tanks I have that are empty. I don't know much about setting up sumps but the internet is my friend for DIY lately. If i went with the 5G's it would leave more space to work with at cleaning time.

The stand plan is simple right now. 6 2x4 legs. Either 2 shelves if i opt for the 20's below, or three shelves if i go with the 5's and a sump. Shopping starts tomorrow for stand materials, and hopefully on Monday the tank goes in for repairs before Christmas delays things.

I'm m hoping to have the tank cycling before Christmas. Anyway I hope you all enjoy reading because that came out longer than planned. I'll sketch out my plans as i go so people can make suggestions for improvements.

melosu58 11-30-2013 11:42 AM

Good Luck on your start up.

Alan79 11-30-2013 09:45 PM

Thanks Melosu. I bought some wood for the frame today. I have a few things to do in an hour but i'll draw up a plan that's currently just a sketch and post it on here for pointers. I'm leaving things simple and plan to leave electrical work out of the build so i can do things quickly.

J.Mcpeak 11-30-2013 10:03 PM

Signed up mate. I'm going to read it now!

J.Mcpeak 11-30-2013 10:06 PM

Read the post, what happened to uncle grandpa?
I'm so pleased for you, keeping Brutus! You must be pleased to bits. :thumb:

Alan79 12-01-2013 07:20 AM


Originally Posted by J.Mcpeak (Post 2738124)
Read the post, what happened to uncle grandpa?
I'm so pleased for you, keeping Brutus! You must be pleased to bits. :thumb:

I had completely forgotten about getting him involved. I'll pass on my plans to him and see what he thinks. If he shows interest in the plans i might ask if i can borrow some clamps and mention that all my power tools were robbed. If he offers to help i'll jump on the offer and reward him with an extra nice Christmas present :thumb: Thanks for the reminder

Anyway with no further ado. Some picks that will hopefully show up (edit yay i'm not completely useless).
Plans from the side. I left cross braces off the ends because my design allows me to fit my 2 running 20G's in the base. I'll need to add 1.6cm to allow the two central legs and the cross beams to fit. Their will be 0.25 inches of slide space for the tanks from front to back by the time the width of the legs is factored in.

Front view
The legs on the end will be placed flat side front, while the central legs will be narrow side front (because i need the tank space). The legs are 3.5cmx7.0cm. I'll add another cross frame on the back to prevent horizontal movement, but need to work out a way to add more support on the ends while allowing a full view into the ends of the each tank in the base. I'll have 6 inches above the tanks which will allow access and let me sit some lights on the tanks. I may just add a 6 inch plywood board screwed on at the sides to reach to where the tank ends. Will go and take some pics of the tank now.

J.Mcpeak 12-01-2013 07:43 AM

It will be hard chewing those cuts:rofl:
If you don't have a team of well trained beavers, Tools are probably a good idea!

(Cheeky so and so):whistle: that's why I have a certain nickname!

Enough fun and games!

Pics are a little unclear but at least you have a plan on paper, that is where all the best ideas evolve from.

Good luck with all of it, you know I'm on your team even if I am a bit cheeky!

J.Mcpeak 12-01-2013 07:47 AM

These have some further info, may help you out.

Alan79 12-01-2013 07:50 AM

The tank
From the working end.

A sad sight.

Excuse the mess behind the tank in the first shot.

J.Mcpeak 12-01-2013 07:57 AM

With regard to the mess
You can't make scramble without breaking eggs!

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